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The Free Internet Survived 2012, But Will It Be That Lucky Next Year?

2012 was a dangerous year for the free Internet. Lawmakers and global stakeholders all took a shot at policing and regulating the Internet over the past year to no avail. That doesn’t mean they’ve given up, and 2013 could prove disastrous if certain parties have their way. To that end, it would be advantageous to look back on all the …

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ACTA Tries To Sneak In Through Canadian Trade Agreement

ACTA is dead. The controversial treaty was killed off when it was largely rejected by the European parliament despite the best efforts of its proponents to paint it in a not so bad light. Warriors of the Internet thought they could take a much deserved rest after protesting the treaty for numerous months, but there is no rest for those …

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Guess Who’s Back? SOPA And ACTA Are Sneaking Into Law Behind Your Back

The Internet has won the fight. SOPA and ACTA are both dead after having been eviscerated by the combined powers of the world coming together to fight for what they believe in – basic digital human rights. We can now rest easy knowing that the war has come to an end. Politicians would never think to bring them back, even …

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