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Michaela Garecht Remembered 25 Years After Abduction

On Tuesday, November 19, 2013, a ceremony was held for Michaela Garecht. Family, friends, police officers, and supporters gathered in the parking lot of a grocery store in Hayward, California to remember a young child who was kidnapped twenty-five years ago. Nine-year-old Garecht and her friend, Katrina Rodriguez, went to a nearby store, located a few blocks away from their …

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Couples Join in Holy Matrimony on an Iconic Day, 11/12/13

Today has been a very special day for countless couples around the country. To many, 11/12/13 holds an exceptional significance to nearly 3,326 lovebirds that believe in the power of numerology. Since it is the second-to-last sequential number of the century, today was an ideal day to tie the knot. New York couple, Elliot Bryant And Shanel Manzano, decided to …

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