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iPads Are Now Being Used To Assist Cerebral Palsy Patients

Seems like people are finding some unexpected uses for iPads as of late. Most people stick to traditional uses like reading books, checking emails and the like. Some people have dropped them from near-space. Some people studied their face-smack impact. Some people just chucked them into lava. While those uses are novel and creative, iPads may have found their most …

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Big Ideas Digital, iOS Game Developer Raises Money To Help Girl Walk

Grace Windram is a five year old girl in the UK, who has been living with Spastic Dyplegic Cerebral Palsy. It has left her with the inability to walk. However, a surgery which is available in the US will provide her with the ability to walk again. However, it costs £50,000, which includes travel and surgery expenses. Her parents have …

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