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Yahoo Builds Home For Brick Awards
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Yahoo has built a site for the Brick Awards, which recognize the achievements of people under 25 who have made a positive social impact on their community. The site will feature a voting campaign to decide which 4 people will receive a $15,000 community grant towards their cause.

CEO: Google Is Like Your Ex – Cute, But Insane

Well, he didn’t put it exactly like that, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer didn’t pull any punches in regard to Google during an appearance in front of 450 Stanford University business and engineering students yesterday. In addition to calling Google’s employee growth-rate "insane," and its non-search products "cute," Ballmer implied Google was a one-trick pony.

(And we’ll have some class and not mention the shellacking Stanford took in the NCAA tournament by Louisville. Oops, guess we just kind of did.)

Former Disney CEO Launches Online Video Project

CNET is reporting former Disney chief, Michael Eisner, is involved with the launch of Vuguru, an independent studio for the production of online videos.

ClickTracks Releases Version 6.5

ClickTracks is ready to release version 6.5 of its Analytics software, "designed specifically for the needs of sophisticated marketers deploying high-traffic ecommerce and large-scale web sites."

CEO Says SEO A Waste Of Time
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Is search engine optimization a waste of time? According to one man in the UK it is.

Anthony Fallon, CEO of Warrington Web Works, a UK Web Publishing company says that search engine optimization is both a waste of time and money to businesses and he can support his argument with proof.

JetBlue CEO Hits YouTube

In another display reinforcing the idea that JetBlue understands how to communicate in a crisis, CEO David Neeleman has produced a video and had it uploaded to YouTube. Neeleman doesn’t read-in fact, he comes across as very human with a lot of "umms" as he speaks off-the-cuff, probably from a simple outline of things he wanted to cover.

Did-it CEO Resigns

Why is it I get a strange sense of deja vu, while writing this news that Bill Wise has resigned from his position as CEO of Did-It?

Google Reveals Confidential User Information?

While last week’s suggestion that Yahoo was switching browser preferences without explicit permission, was a black mark for the company, it doesn’t come close to the allegations that Google has revealed confidential information about its users.

A Model for the Social Media CEO

This past weekend, the Saturday Interview in the business section of the NY Times focused on Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun.

The Future of Ask.com

ZDNet’s Donna Bogatin has an interesting interview up with Ask.com CEO, Jim Lanzone. She asks some probing questions, and Jim shares some interesting morsels.

CEO Earnings Raised in the Last Decade

The last studies and figures show that the gap between the pay of a FTSE 100 company’s chief executive and that of a regular worker has widened to its highest level this decade.

Interview With Netgear’s CEO

Netgear makes a lot of the WiFi routers found in homes around the world so it was a great privilege to interview Netgear’s CEO, Patrick Lo.

Ask CEO on AskCity

John Battelle has on his blog a post where Ask CEO answers his questions about AskCity.

JBoss CEO: Show Me the Money

Sys-Con is quoting Marc Fleury, JBoss founder & CEO and now SVP & GM of JBoss Division at Red Hat, as having said:

SES Paris: Exalead CEO Critical of Google

Andy Atkins-Krger is covering the Search Engine Strategies conference in Paris this week and today quotes Francois Bourdoncle, CEO and founder of France-based search engine Exalead in the opening keynote of Search Engine Strategies Paris as saying . “We’re all helping to create the Google monster” and calls the major search engines the “Walmarts of the digital world.”

Second Life insights

One of the earliest adopters of Second Life in the PR community was the Text 100 agency who established their virtual presence three months ago.

Top CEO Communicator Of The Year

The search is on to find the business leader who can demonstrate outstanding communication leadership for his or her organization.

VA Tech Says Google CEO Is “The Schmidt”

Google founder Eric Schmidt has given a donation to Virginia Tech’s School of Engineering in the sum of $2 million dollars. Schmidt grew up in Blacksburg and was the son of a Virginia Tech economics professor. He was also a neighbor to Paul Torgersen a former Dean of Tech’s College of Engineering and president from 1993 to 2000.

CEO Blogs Not Censored Yet

It seems that blogs are trying to make a transition away from the simple person-next-door chronicling their activities, moods, likes, dislikes, and thoughts to the higher profile musings and strategies of business executives who want to communicate quickly to their journalists, investors, analysts and even customers.

Eric Schmidt Talks User Portability of Data

WEB 2.0: Google CEO: Take your data and run – Network World One of the things that all internet companies need to do a better job on is in ensuring that our users have portability of data. So it was refreshing to read this morning that Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, was talking up user portability today.

Conversation With Google CEO Eric Schmidt

4:20: The grand ballroom for the welcome message and a talk by Google CEO Eric Schmidt was packed; I skipped upstairs to a swank overflow room catered by Google. Remember those Google snack rooms? They turned this room into one of them.

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