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Opera CEO Turns Aside Overthrow Try
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Even though Opera has been working more closely with Yahoo on some deals, Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner wasn’t about to suffer the same sort of ousting his Yahoo counterpart endured this week.

Hey, yeah…Why Isn’t Decker CEO?
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Yahoo’s Sue Decker isn’t CEO for a reason, at least, that’s what the Scobleizer says.

Why Decker isn’t the CEO of Yahoo…

So, just before interviewing Sun Microsystems’ DTrace team today (that’s a photo of them) I got a call from a source. He said “Semel is out. Yang is taking over.”

Semel Resigns as CEO of Yahoo

[Disclaimer: I’m CEO of Zooomr]

Wow. Those words "Yahoo Says Terry Semel Resigns as CEO" just ran across my Bloomberg terminal 10 minutes ago. Apparently Jerry Yang is going to step in as CEO and Sue Decker’s stepping in as President. The stock’s up 5% in the after market.

Yahoo: The Next Day

The morning after Yahoo’s Terry Semel resigned the CEO task has founder Jerry Yang doing two interim jobs and newly minted president Sue Decker a step closer to the top.

MySpace CEO Makes Eyes At eBay

There’s no word from eBay’s side of things, but the cofounder and CEO of MySpace says his site could – at some point – be interested in partnering with the auction giant.  Such a deal would be huge for both companies, and might also be damaging to Google.

Going to Kyte.tv

So, the Facebook app shipped today is Kyte.tv and I’ll be over there with Channel 4 KRON today at 2 p.m.

Yahoo CEO Faces Shareholder Grilling

Yahoo CEO Semel faces shareholder grilling – USATODAY.com: Lots of heat out on Yahoo this morning and more particularly over the compensation of their CEO Terry Semel, some are calling for a change to Yahoo’s compensation committee, especially in light of the whopping $71.7 million pay package that Yahoo CEO Terry Semel earned last year.

Revver Names New CEO

Online video platform Revver has announced that Kevin Wells will be the new CEO and that the current CEO and founder, Steven Starr will act as a full time Chairman of the Board.

Revver Names New CEO
“Revver Names New CEO”
Revver Names New CEO
Macmillan CEO Lifts Google Laptops

Richard Charkin is the CEO of Macmillan Publishers, and he recently got into a bit of a tiff with Google.  This didn’t involve angry letters or frivolous lawsuits (entertaining as those are); instead, Charkin stole a pair of Google laptops.  And blogged about it.

Joost Names New CEO

Internet television service Joost has named Mike Volpi as their new chief executive officer. Mr. Volpi is taking over for the company’s founding CEO, Fredrik de Wahl, who will become Joost’s chief strategy officer.

Joost Names New CEO
“Joost Names New CEO”
Joost Names New CEO
“Mortified” Six Apart CEO Makes Apologies
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All right.  I know there are a lot of passionate LiveJournal users out there, and I know censorship is bad.  But in this case, it was also somewhat funny.  LiveJournal claimed it had blocked access to around 500 journals on the basis that they supported pedophilia – turns out, some of them were just discussing Lolita.

VeriSign’s CEO Steps Down

It’s the end of an era at VeriSign – Stratton Sclavos, the company’s CEO, has resigned.  “[T]he leading provider of digital infrastructure for the networked world” will now be managed by William A. Roper, Jr.

Google CEO Discusses Acquisition Plans

When I’ve heard Eric Schmidt speak – in person, and on more than one occasion – the man seemed entirely straightforward.  And yet, although he’s recently gotten out the message that Google is still interested in making acquisitions, Schmidt’s meaning (beyond that) has been interpreted in a variety of ways.

PodZinger CEO Wilde About Digital Media

Tom Wilde has taken the corner office at audio and video search firm PodZinger, moving company founder Alex Laats upstairs and positioning the business for B2B2C success.

Google Plus DoubleClick: Truthiness and Trustiness

The Google Acquisition of DoubleClick has Microsoft and AT&T screeching "Monopoly!" to the US Department of Justice (DOJ) Antitrust division. In a video interview with John Batelle at WebProNews last week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt responded to a comment from Batelle about "anti-competitive practices" by reacting in what seemed like mock surprise. "Microsoft! … AT&T?

News Corp. Not Competing w/ YouTube?
Wired Magazine has another interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt today. They cover everything from Steve Ballmer’s recent attacks on Google (which Eric tactfully declines to coment on directly) to News Corp’s proposed YouTube killer to rumored deals with Apple.

A few highlights from Schmidt:

Sifry Seeks Technorati CEO Replacement

David Sifry has put out the word that blog search site Technorati wants to find a new CEO to possibly help take the company public.

YellowBot – Interview w/ Solfo CEO Erron Silverstein

I had the pleasure of speaking with Erron Silverstein, CEO of Solfo, which has developed a new, Web 2.0 version of local directories with the user at the core of the project. It blends local and social aspects to bring local brick and mortar locations, such as restaurants, services, stores and more, to the forefront and inspire users to add to their communities by placing reviews, ratings, pictures and share their positive and negative experiences to bridge the gap between online persona’s and offline reality.

Interview with Jigsaw CEO Jim Fowler

Jigsaw is a fast-growing, controversial online marketplace that lets people trade their business contacts for more contacts or cash. 

Online Reputation Management a Big Trend This Year
We’ve already seen an increase in news related to online reputation management in the last few days, and now Wired magazine lists it as one of the top trends for 2007.

Their excellent article “The See-Through CEO” looks at how businesses are becoming more transparent with their communications and how consumers are wielding a lot of influence over your online brand equity.

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