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Cool Listening and Podcastings 3rd Anniversary

I was in the UK at the weekend to organize a couple of things re my move there next week.

The All-Matt Cutts Channel

One website has collected the best of comments by Google engineer Matt Cutts into a list of 21 great tips from the best known engineer from the Googleplex who doesn’t own a jumbo jet.

UK Gov’t Violates Own Copyright On YouTube

Because of a copyright violation, the UK Cabinet Office, Britain’s “head office,” was forced to yank a public service video from YouTube. But the complaint came from an unlikely place – from an agency within.

Google Bestows Much Love Upon Webmasters

The revamped Google Webmaster Central has enough changes in place that it merits a second look for our readers.

Google Sitemaps Now Webmaster Central

They have renamed the website to Webmaster Central and launched some new tools to help their Sitemaps users get more out of the service.

Interview with Sproutit CEO Charles Jolley

I first came across Sproutit via Web 2.0 Central and was immediately intrigued by the blurb I read:

Amazon.com Sprouts Ears, Becomes Elf

The thing about Santa’s helpers is that North Pole legislation disallows Papa Noel from outsourcing. That means you’re on your own with a mile-long list. That could be the reasoning behind Amazon.com’s “virtual gift assistant” offered through a new site it calls Gift Central.

Book review podcast: Todd Cochrane’s Podcasting

A few weeks ago, I received the copy of Podcasting: The Do It Yourself Guide by Todd Cochrane that I’d ordered from Amazon UK.

Podcast Awards contest accepting nominations

Shel and I don’t get into much self-promotion, shameless or otherwise, for For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, our twice-weekly business podcast.

A Grab-Bag Of RSS Toys

Robin Good has put together a list of RSS tools and toys, most of which I’d never heard of.

Investing in Central and East Europe

The brief global recession of the early years of this decade – which was neither prolonged, nor trenchant and all-pervasive, as widely predicted – had little effect on Central and Eastern Europe’s traditional export markets.

Scoble: Have Dinner With Me and Steve Rubel

Hey, Steve Rubel, I just got the latest BusinessWeek (I’m speaking at my brother’s law firm in an hour, and wanted to have a prop for my talk).

Yahoo And Flickr: Photosharing Made Easy

This past weekend, Jeremy Zawodny confirmed what many have been speculating about for a little while now: Yahoo has or is purchasing Flickr, the digital image sharing web presence.

New Yawkers Say “We Love ‘dem Blogs”

Early this morning – as part of my planned “Manhattan Project” – a friend of mine and I …

Mail.com Selects 24/7 Real Media’s Open AdStream Central

24/7 Real Media today announced that Mail.com has chosen 24/7 Real Media’s Open AdStream Central as its exclusive ad serving solution.

Searchfeed.com In The 10 Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

Searchfeed.com, pay-per-click search engine marketing provider, was recently named one of the top 10 pay per click search engines on the Internet, according to PayPerClickUniverse.com.