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Cisco Says It Does Not Help China Censor Web

Cisco Systems Inc. defended itself against a human rights group’s claims that the company aided Chinese officials in building a "great firewall" to block Internet user’s access to anti-government content.

China Likely To Censor The Web During Games
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China says it can’t promise that it won’t censor the Internet this summer during the Beijing Olympics.

Wang Wei, executive vice president of the Beijing Olympic organizers, had assured the International Olympic Committee that the 30,000 reporters covering the games would have open access to the Internet.

Pirate Bay Opens Uncensored Blogging Service
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Stay on the right side of Swedish laws, and the gleeful operators of The Pirate Bay’s blogging service, Baywords, won’t cave to demands for one’s blog to be taken down.

Google Opposes Anti-Censorship Bid

Some of Google’s shareholders have again tried to make censorship an issue by proposing the search advertising company reject dealing with oppressive governments.

Beijing Shutters Video Sharing Sites

The visuals of protests in Lhasa against Chinese rule of Tibet continue to spook the central Chinese government, which shut down 25 video sharing sites.

China Blocks YouTube Amid Tibet Unrest
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Video sharing site YouTube became unavailable in China as authorities cracked down on protests in neighboring Tibet.

Blogger Busts Chinese Propaganda Photo
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It’s no wonder the Chinese government doesn’t really trust the Internet. It makes it a lot easier to call them out. Darn those democratic institutions! Chinese bloggers and forum members forced a photographer to admit he doctored a photo for the good of the State.

It’s not that there aren’t pregnant chiru antelope in Tibet, it’s just that they’re usually not pregnant in June.

And trains scare them.

Pakistan Shutters YouTube
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Pakistan forced all Internet service providers in the country to block the YouTube Web site for hosting "blasphemous" content it said was offensive to Islam.

Russia’s Medvedev Seems Okay With Online Freedoms

Say what you want about censorship in Russia; the man who will likely become the country’s next president publicly recognized that, at least in theory, the Internet has made the spread of information much freer.Russia's Medvedev Seems Okay With Online Freedoms

China Censors Horror Material
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China says it is banning all audio and video content that features horror related themes according to the General Administration of Press and Publications.

Specifically the banned content includes, "wronged spirits and violent ghost, monsters, demons, and other inhuman portrayals, strange and supernatural storytelling for the sole purpose of seeking terror and horror," the administration said.

Google Denies Censoring Egyptian Footballer
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At the end of January, Egyptian midfielder Mohamed Aboutrika was the talk of the soccer world. Scoring the winning goal to defeat Sudan’s team, Aboutrika raised his shirt to reveal a message of Palestinian sympathy.

Google Denies Censoring Egyptian Footballer

It read: Sympathize with Gaza.

China To Crackdown On Podcasting, Web Video

The Chinese government says it is cracking down on Internet-based audio-visual programming like podcast and video-sharing sites to ensure content doesn’t pollute the spiritual and cultural ideals of the country. And yeah, that includes pirates, too. That the expanded measures against user-generated media come just months before the Beijing Olympics is just a coincidence.


China Says Video Rules In Public Interest

China’s new regulations for online video and audio content prohibiting violent, pornographic and pirated material are part of an effort to promote the Internet’s "healthy" development the government said.

China To Crackdown On Internet Video

China’s Ministry of Information Industry and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television have issued new regulations concerning online video.

The new rules say that online video can be broadcast only by state-owned or state-controlled companies. The new regulations will go into effect January 31.  The policy will prohibit providers from broadcasting video that involves national secrets, damages the reputation of China, disrupts social stability or promotes pornography.  Providers will have to delete and report offending content.

Australia Plans Net Filters Amid Censorship Cries

Australian government denies mandatory censorship of pornography and violence equates what China does in terms of blocking web content.

Syria Stops Access To Facebook

Syrians can no longer use Facebook to keep in touch with people, or more importantly, groups that criticize the government.

Tech Company Censorship Penalties Coming

Forbes reports:

RSF: China Blocked Google Sites
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A high level meeting of China’s Communist government took place this week, during which time Reporters Without Borders said China redirected certain Internet traffic to Baidu.

Blip.tv Chosen By FYI To Host Shows

When Blip.tv showed up on For Your Imagination’s radar, it evidently looked like a rather appealing ally – the production company now intends to use Blip.tv as the primary host for its programming.

Google Complains About Censorship Charge
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After blowing away ads aimed at criticizing MoveOn.org by name, Google’s public policy wonks fired back and asserted that trademarks, not politics, played a role.

AT&T Just Kidding About Cutting Off Critics

It’s nice to see AT&T isn’t immune to some heat. The company is reportedly revising its Terms of Service (ToS) agreement after it appeared AT&T reserved the right to terminate service of those critical of them.