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Flickr Relaxes Filters In Germany

In recent weeks and months, I’ve noticed that the Internet seems to have its own c-word: censorship.  I’ve also noticed that, like most companies, Yahoo wants nothing to do with this word.  So it wasn’t a huge surprise when Yahoo’s photo-sharing service, Flickr, relaxed its filters in Germany.

Insight Into Google Via Press Release Analysis

Would it surprise you to know that Google has dedicated less and less attention to “search” over the years?  Conversely, the company’s talking more about “revenue.”  These, anyway, are the conclusions that one might draw using Philipp Lenssen’s Google Press Release Analyzer.

Google Could Get Content License In China
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It’s not a sure thing – “preliminary regulatory approval” is all that Google’s gotten so far – but it appears the Mountain View-based corporation is on its way to receiving an Internet content license in China.

Flickr Installs Filters In Germany
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Earlier this week, we learned that Flickr had started supporting seven new languages.  Unfortunately, news has now come that Flickr is “filtering” – not censoring, mind you – content in several of those tongues.

Flickr Says No To German Photos
Flickr Says No To German Photos
Yahoo’s Flickr Censored In China

Yahoo’s gotten bashed, again and again, over the way in which it’s cooperated with the Chinese government.  Apparently it didn’t cooperate as much as the government would have liked, however – images on Yahoo’s Flickr site are now being blocked.

Amnesty Int’l Warns Of Web Censorship “Virus”

It may not be fatal, but it’s a pretty bad disease nonetheless; according to Amnesty International, “The virus of Internet repression is spreading.”

Baidu Backs Out Of Expansion Plans?

Rumor had it that Baidu would expand into Europe.  Now the Chinese search engine company has announced that it will not, and this reversal has caught more than a few people by surprise.

Google May Make Deal With South Korean Telecom

Google’s had some success in South Korea, yet the search engine giant has also had to make a number of adjustments and compromises.  Now its tenacity may be paying off; reports indicate that South Korea’s biggest mobile phone operator may employ Google’s search-based advertising throughout its network.

Censorship? There’s Always YouTube

Venezuelans upset by the government-ordered shutdown of Radio Caracas Television can follow the station’s new daily broadcasts at YouTube.

“Mortified” Six Apart CEO Makes Apologies
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All right.  I know there are a lot of passionate LiveJournal users out there, and I know censorship is bad.  But in this case, it was also somewhat funny.  LiveJournal claimed it had blocked access to around 500 journals on the basis that they supported pedophilia – turns out, some of them were just discussing Lolita.

Turkey Takes Censorship Several Steps Further
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Over two months ago, authorities in Turkey found a video on YouTube that implied Ataturk, the country’s founder, was gay.  Turkey banned YouTube, YouTube removed the clip, and the Turkish government got way too cocky – it’s now reserved the legal right to block any website with content it finds offensive to Ataturk’s memory.

Geotargeting for Censorship?

Segregating your traffic by geographical location is a useful thing and is known in the search engine marketing circles as “geotracking”, but you could go one step further and target specific traffic based on geographical location using the cryptic practise known as “geotargeting”. But what happens when it’s used to block access to users based on their geography?

MoveOn Blasts MySpace Over Censorship
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MoveOn’s executive director Eli Pariser called MySpace a "serial censorer of user-generated content" and presented a litany of complaints about the social networking site’s practices.

BBC: Flickr Censors Comments

BBC NEWS | Technology | Yahoo ‘censored’ Flickr comments More news on the recent censorship by Yahoo of Rebekka Gudleifsdóttir from the BBC.

Yahoo/Flickr Censorship Accusations Answered
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A talented photographer posted her photos on Flickr, and when another company stole and sold the pictures, she wrote a post about it.  After almost 450 people had voiced their support, Flickr deleted the artist’s post, and cries of “Censorship!” ensued.  But now Flickr’s co-founder, Stewart Butterfield, has stepped up and apologized.

Global Internet Censorship Increasing
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Internet censorship around the globe is becoming more widespread as governments continue to filter content, according to a new report from OpenNet Initiative.

Google Shareholders Support Censorship?
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During the Vietnam War, an American major said, “It became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it.”  Well, in a slight twist on that, Google’s shareholders have decided that they must continue censoring Google China in order to keep it alive.

Google’s Press Meeting (censorship)
There’s a lot of great reports coming from Google’s annual press and shareholder meeting, held yesterday at the Googleplex. To make it a little easier to digest, we’re going to break it down into three parts for you. Here’s part four, you can also read part one, part two and part three.

Google Board Votes Down Proposal Against Censorship
Recently, a number of groups that own shares in Google put forth a shareholder proposal that would require Google to resist government censorship efforts, and to notify users when consorship had occured despite Google’s best efforts. Wenesday, Google’s board of directors issued a recommendation that the proposal be voted down, ensuring the proposal will never have a chance, since the big three of Page, Brin and Schmidt hold 66.2% of all voting power.

China To Web: “Adhere To Correct Propaganda”

If you use the right euphemisms, it’s almost enough to give you warm fuzzies: the Chinese government, according the country’s president, is developing plans to "actively and creatively nurture a healthy online culture."

Unfortunately, China’s state television forgot to dress up the language, and instead disclosed the less comforting thought that "development and administration of Internet culture must stick to the direction of socialist advanced culture, [and] adhere to correct propaganda guidance."

More YouTube Thailand Censorship

Boing Boing via one of their readers reminds us that YouTube is still being blocked in Thailand, and also includes a screenshot of what a visitor saw from Bangkok (below – you gotta love the big brother eye).

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