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(Woops) Telecoms Help Make Case For Neutral Net
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One of the more parroted talking points against Net Neutrality has been verbalized this way: It’s a solution in search of a problem. Rather snide, really, if you think about it, and is a remark that usually accompanies a brush off to concerns of gatekeeper abuses.

Skype Accused Of Helping Chinese Censors

An American-based distributor of underground software that helps Chinese citizens get around government firewalls and access censored websites is accusing Skype of aiding the government by redirecting users to a website monitored and filtered by Chinese authorities.

Iran’s Google Block An “Error”

The rapidly spreading story about Iran’s censorship of Google and Gmail now has to compete with another story: that of Iran undoing the blocking at its ISPs.

EU Looks To Diffuse Internet Bomb Instructions

When I was in the tenth grade, before anybody’d heard of the Internet except this geek buddy of mine and the geek buddies of his that he connected with like Matthew Broderick did in that movie by plugging his phone into this contraption (this buddy of mine now works for the NSA by the way), my geek-of-all-geeks friend showed me instructions on how to build a nuclear bomb.

Thailand Allows Access To YouTube

As censorship goes, this could be worse – YouTube has made any videos insulting the king of Thailand inaccessible from within that country.  In return, the Thai government has lifted a ban and apparently allowed everything else on the video-sharing site to return.

‘Free’ Broadband Sparks Constitutional Debate
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Though M2Z Networks threatened to take to the FCC to court to force a decision on the company’s "family friendly" free nationwide wireless broadband proposal by September 1, a likely "no" vote from the commission has made M2Z decide more public debate is necessary.

It’s YouTube And MeTube, But Not ThemTube
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The problem with open societies, free speech, and Web 2.0 is that any ol’ jerk can believe and say anything they want. That you’d rather they didn’t is kind of your problem. But it’s a bigger problem for larger entities like YouTube and Google who provide the platform, or, since Microsoft’s not using it, the soapbox for the jerks to stand upon.

China Cartoons Remind Surfers To Behave
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Tooling around the Internet from a Chinese connection could be interrupted by a pair of cartoon cops who tell people to back away from questionable content.

Schmidt Speaks From the Lion’s Den

It’s one thing to talk about Net Neutrality and a little regulation to a crowd of digerati idealists. It’s quite another to bring that up at the Masters of the Universe Ball.

Blip.tv Says Response Better Than Censorship

Charles Hope of Blip.tv posted an email exchange he had with a site visitor who complained about some controversial videos hosted on the site.

AT&T Admits To More Censorship
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What has become the Net Neutrality proof of concept AT&T hoped wouldn’t come about – the censoring of a band with a cult following – is now no longer an isolated incident.

Pearl Jam Accuses AT&T Of Censoring Webcast

When a "live" webcast of grunge band legend Pearl Jam’s Lollapalooza performance didn’t make it to the audience in tact, the band immediately pointed a finger at AT&T, who sponsored and monitored the event, accusing the telecommunications giant of censorship.

Internet Censorship Growing

Internet censorship is in more than 20 countries, according to a new report from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)"Governing the Internet."

Google May Censor Korean Maps

Google has often had PR problems with its Maps and Earth services; the search giant has also had trouble gaining market share in South Korea.  Now a problem that involves both of these issues may be resolved, although the exact solution (assuming there is one) remains unknown.

Flickr Criticized For Regional Censorship

Yahoo’s Flickr is the latest target of criticism after restricting access to erotic art photos in Hong Kong. Though Internet companies self-censoring in certain countries is not a new dilemma, this incident coincides with a blogger that faces fines for just linking to offending material.

Social Networks Feed Photo Sharing

I’ve put exactly one picture on MySpace; my Facebook profile contains a whopping five or so.  Yet a new Hitwise report proves that this is not the norm, and that traffic from social networks gives an extreme boost to a lot of photo-sharing sites.

China’s Brief Block On Yahoo Resolved

Google’s had its problems in China, but for a day or so, it seemed like Yahoo had been knocked out of the running entirely – the main site was inaccessible from within that country.  The block has now been removed.

Thailand To Terminate YouTube Ban

The last development in this story took place over a month ago, so here’s a little refresher: several videos on YouTube insulted the king of Thailand, and that country’s government responded by blocking the site.  It also threatened to sue, but that plan was abandoned, and the ban has now been lifted, as well.

Yahoo Image Search Incorporates Flickr Photos

Flickr is owned by Yahoo, and now the two operations are closer than ever- photos from Flickr have been integrated into Yahoo Image Search.

Google: Censorship Is A Trade Barrier

There’s something about this topic that is unsettling – the deal seems nearly devilish, beneficial and somewhat horrifying at the same time. Google’s latest plea to the US and EU governments to help fight censorship centers on the economics, not the political morality, of censorship.

Google, U.S. Government Could Take On Censorship

As businesses go, establishments don’t get much bigger than Google.  But even the Mountain View-based corporation needs a little help now and then, and in its war on censorship, Google is seeking assistance from the United States government.