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Melanie Griffith Is Probably Regretting That Tattoo

Melanie Griffith has learned a hard lesson about tattoos: Unless you can guarantee you’ll be with him or her forever, it’s best to leave your lover’s name OFF of your body! The 56-year-old actress recently parted ways with Antonio Banderas. Griffith was married to the 53-year-old actor for eighteen years. Unfortunately after nearly two decades together, the romance went south. …

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Ariana Grande Snaps Neck Tattoo On Instagram

Ariana Grande has always been a great singer with an outgoing personality. Well-known for her debut single “The Way,” as well as her role as Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon’s Victorius and Sam & Cat, Grande has taken her personality to a new level by getting a tattoo on the back of her neck, which can easily be hidden by her …

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Heidi Klum Is Erasing Seal From Her Body

Heidi Klum had a much-publicized split from hubby Seal last year, and since then she’s moved on, finding happiness with her bodyguard Martin Kristen and focusing on her kids and career. Now it looks like she’s ready to remove Seal from her life in other ways; the mom of four is slowly having the forearm tattoo of his name surgically …

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