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Sophia Loren Explains Why Jayne Mansfield’s Nipples Caused the Side-Eye Picture

In 1957, Sophia Loren gave Jayne Mansfield a serious judgmental side-eye. A picture of that incident became almost as iconic as the two women. Loren reveals a lot about her life in her memoirs, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life, which was just released this Tuesday. To help promote the book, and her AFI Fest tribute, she spoke to Entertainment Weekly. …

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Pics Of Ariana Grande Said To Share A Bizarre Pattern

If you look at enough pictures of singer Ariana Grande, you may notice something a bit strange. Like the fact that more often than not, you are looking at the left side of the singer’s face. It’s not so unusual to be more likely to see certain angles of celebrities in photo shoots than others. The celeb’s features are often …

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The Reverse Beer Goggles Effect: From Hot to Troll

Just plain interesting. An undergraduate student working on some research discovered a strange tendency in the way our eyes process images when our focus is trained on the center of two images. It appears the two hemispheres of our brain transpose some of the information and distort what appears in our peripherals. It is what I am calling the “reverse …

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