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Camila Cabello Responsible for Austin Mahone Dumping Her?

Camila Cabello and Austin Mahone are proof that they don’t build famous couples the way they used to! Cabello and Mahone were lovey-dovey only a few short weeks ago, but now it appears that they are officially no longer together. While Mahone’s fans are no doubt dancing with glee that their idol is single again, it’s a bit sad that …

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Paula Patton FINALLY Responds To Robin Thicke, But It’s With Divorce Papers

Paula Patton has finally responded to Robin Thicke’s efforts to “get her back”….by filing for divorce! According to an exclusive report by TMZ, Patton filed the paperwork in Los Angeles, Calif. As for the reasons why she would be leaving Robin, Paula settled on “irreconcilable differences”. Of all recently divorcing couples, this may be the most appropriate use of the …

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Carlos Gonzalez Abella Splits From Singer Ricky Martin

After several years with his boyfriend, Ricky Martin has split up with Carlos Gonzalez Abella. Everyone has been making their new year’s resolutions and things that they might want to change, and the long-time couple has decided to move on from each other. The two of them had been together for four years, and when Ricky Martin made the decision …

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