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Ceiling Fans: Fast And Easy Cleaning Tips

Ceiling fans are a luxury to some but a necessity to most. While they can help keep us cool in hot weather, they can be difficult to clean. If you don’t clean your ceiling fans you might notice how much dust can accumulate on the blades. Dirty fans can lead to poor air quality in a room or home and …

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Ceiling Fan Business Makes a Big Ass of Itself

Big Ass Fans, in Lexington, Kentucky, knows that their business is normally the sort of thing that exists in an industrial park somewhere, ships out to retailers, and doesn’t make much of a splash, name-wise. Think about it. What is the brand name of any ceiling fan in your home? Most ceiling fan companies just aren’t household names. Big Ass …

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Can These Ceiling Fans Kill You in Your Sleep?

Many folks have ceiling fans in their homes. They are great for circulating air in both summer and winter months. But did you know that millions of people believe that ceiling fans can kill you? The belief, which is widely held in South Korea, is called “fan death”. It technically applies to any electric fan, including ceiling fans, that are …

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