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Tim Tebow Trade a Huge Mistake for Tannenbaum’s Jets

Everyone already knew this but it’s still refreshing to hear Mike Tannenbaum admit that he was wrong. The former New York Jets general manager confessed on CBS Sports Radio’s Damon Amenolara Show that trading for Tim Tebow was not good for the organization, “Obviously we made a couple mistakes, trading for Tim Tebow most notably. But I would say beyond …

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Tim Tebow Was A Mistake, Says Former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum

Although struggling quarterback Tim Tebow only had a short stint with the New York Jets, it appears one former Jets’ affiliate felt the brunt of his lackluster performance more than anyone. His name is Mike Tannenbaum. On Wednesday, Jan. 15, the former New York Jets’ general manager sat down for an interview with CBS Sports Radio. During the discussion he shared some of the …

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