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Nevada Cattle Released to Cliven Bundy by Feds

Federal land managers explained that “escalating tensions” forced the release of roughly 400 head of cattle that had been corralled on public land in southern Nevada. The cows belonged to rancher Cliven Bundy, who had refused to relent to federal authority over rights to land he doesn’t legally own. Hundreds of Nevada states’ rights activists, as well as various militia …

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Joan Jett to Appear on Macy’s Float Against Critics

Joan Jett has been making music for decades with the support of a legion of fans and even has a special day celebrated in her honor; however, everyone cannot be a fan and that includes the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association. Joan Jett is a vocal vegetarian and animal rights enthusiast (belonging to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) who …

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South Dakota Blizzard Devastates Livestock

South Dakota has recently experienced a horrible blizzard, which is affecting the cattle and many farmers in the state. While much of the country is still having summer or early fall-like temperatures, South Dakota has been hit early with the nasty weather that usually does not come for another couple months. Tens of thousands of cattle have been found dead, …

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South Dakota Cattle: Thousands Killed in Snow Storm

We all know how temperamental Mother Nature can be, especially during the transition period from one season to another. What we didn’t know, though, was that Mother Nature was colluding with the Republicans and Tea Partiers during the government shutdown. Earlier this month, a devastating snow storm hit parts of South Dakota. Up to 4 feet of snow fell in …

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