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Nun Wins ‘Voice’ Contest in Italy

One of the biggest goals of Pope Francis in his brief popedom thus far has been to get the Catholic Church closer to the average person, prompting church officials to “go out into the streets”. Francis’s message resonated with Sister Cristina Scuccia so much that she decided to do Pope Francis one better and take her talents to national television, …

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Satanic Mass at Harvard Cancelled After Outcry

The provocative “Black Mass” planned to take place at Harvard Extension School this week has been officially cancelled. The event had caused an outcry from Boston’s significant Catholic community. According to a WCVB Boston report, the event has now been cancelled. Event organizers had reportedly been unable to find a venue to perform the Black Mass. The Black Mass is …

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‘Gospel Of Jesus’ Wife’ Papyrus Not Fake According To Scientists

In 2012, Karen King, historian from the Harvard Divinity School, revealed the discovery of a papyrus fragment, dubbed the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife,” that suggests that Jesus had a wife. The announcement created an uproar among the Christian community, and academics from the Vatican immediately deemed the document a “clumsy forgery.” The badly-aged papyrus contained a message with eight legible …

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Justice Sotomayor Blocks Birth Control For Nuns?

In a move that will surely make some people scratch their head, Justice Sotomayor has issued a reprieve a day before the Affordable Healthcare Act would be the law of the land. The government is temporarily prevented from enforcing contraceptive coverage requirements against (wait for it…wait for it…) a group of Denver-based nuns. The Little Sisters of the Poor Home …

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Pope Francis: Capitalism Is “A New Tyranny”

Pope Francis carefully chose this moment to capitalize on his internet popularity with an even more radical statement: that uninhibited capitalism represents “a new tyranny,” and that global leaders are not doing enough to battle the growing income disparity. Pope Francis’ Twitter account, @pontifex, is the most talked-about thing on the internet, and Francis remains unafraid to discuss controversial issues …

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