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‘Catch Me If U Can, Muthasuckas’: Police Arrest Man Minutes After He Taunts Them on Facebook

If you’re wanted by the Rosenberg, Texas police department, it’s probably best to stay away from their Facebook page – especially if you’re planning on playing “catch me if you can.” In response to over a dozen reports of auto burglaries in the Seabourne Meadows subdivision, the Rosenberg Police Department posted a graphic (as they tend to do…a lot) identifying …

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‘Catch Me If You Can’ Conman Talks Facebook Privacy

One of the world’s most famous confidence men has his reservations about Facebook. Speaking at the Advertising Week Europe conference, Frank Abagnale says that he completely understands why people like Facebook. But he warns that the network is full of people who don’t really understand just how far they’re putting themselves out there. And that Facebook is basically a godsend …

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