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Kate Upton Gives You Plenty to Look at in Latest GQ Spread
· 11

Kate Upon, the curvy YouTube sensation who gleefully jiggled her way into a modeling career, recently did a photo shoot for GQ. With the assistance of professional photographer Terry Richardson, also known as the man responsible for lensing Upton’s insanely …

Kate Upton Cat Daddy Gifs Are Life-Affirming

The Kate Upton Cat Daddy dance is taking the Internet by storm, albeit with a delayed reaction. Upton’s provocative dance hit the web two days ago, and her momentum continues to build. Of course, YouTube’s pulling of the video played …

Kate Upton Cat Daddy Scandal: Twitter Reacts
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Kate Upton and her now-infamous “Cat Daddy” dance have been igniting inextinguishable fires in the heads, hearts, and pants of Internet users all week. Calling the whole ordeal a scandal, however, is kind of an insult to, you know, actual …