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Casey Anthony: Will America Ever Stop Hating Her?

Casey Anthony. The name alone makes mothers grimace and your average bystander shake his head. Those who consider themselves “freethinkers” or faithful to the interpretation of American laws will say the reactions to Anthony are unfair for one reason or another. Regardless of what such persons say, the fact remains….people hate this woman. Anthony has been a public eyesore since …

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Casey Anthony Mobbed by Media Circus

Casey Anthony, the woman acquitted of the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, in 2011, today arrived at a federal courthouse in Florida to attend a bankruptcy hearing. As soon as she stepped from her car, she was swarmed by cameramen and microphones. Anthony wore large sunglasses and was escorted through the paparazzi by her lawyer, Cheney Mason. One extremely …

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Casey Anthony Bankruptcy Hearing Being Held Today

Casey Anthony, the woman famously acquitted of the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, is back in a Florida courtroom, this time to face a bankruptcy case. Anthony has been in hiding since the end of the trial, appearing only occasionally in videos posted online. Anthony’s debts stem from the 2011 murder trial and fines levied against her for lying …

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Casey Anthony Comes Out Of Hiding

Casey Anthony’s name and face have become synonymous with tragedy, outrage, and one of the most infamous trials of our generation. Since she was acquitted of the murder of her daughter Caylee’s murder, Casey has been in hiding somewhere in Florida and has only appeared every so often in homemade videos, which she posts herself online. Anthony allegedly came out …

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