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Cartoon Network’s Annoying Orange Creators Sued

Dane Boedigheimer and Spencer Grove, the creators of the Cartoon Network show, Annoying Orange, have been named in a lawsuit claiming the duo copied their citrus from a previous ad campaign for the North Dakota Department of Transportation. Reports indicate the creative team is being sued by H2M, an ad agency based in Fargo, North Dakota. As upcoming videos indicate, …

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Netflix Gets Cartoon Network, Adult Swim Content through Another Warner Bros Deal

Netflix has just announced new licensing deals with Warner Bros Television Group and Turner Broadcasting System that will bring more streaming content to the service in March of this year, as well as January 2014. The deal with Warner Bros TV will bring Cartoon Network programming, as well as Adult Swim programming to Netflix. That includes Cartoon Network shows like …

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Launches Incredible Season 5 Trailer

One of the highlights of the expanded universe has easily become Cartoon Network’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The series started of a little slow in my opinion, but now that I look back on it, it was definitely done for a reason. The relationship between Anakin and Ashoka needed to be cultivated and groomed so they could trust each …

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Cartoon Network Brings Back The Classics With Cartoon Planet

Cartoon Network, where have you gone? Besides the launch of fantastic series like Adventure Time and Regular Show, you are largely off the mark. You have lost some of your best talent (i.e. Craig McCracken). You’re pushing subpar live-action content like Level Up. To add insult to injury, you got rid of Toonami. This all paints a rather bleak picture …

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