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Japan Dolphin Slaughter Gains Disapproval

The annual dolphin hunt in Taiji began today. Japanese fishermen have begun slaughtering bottlenose dolphins, while ignoring protesters’ calls to spare the animals, including a rare public show of concern by the US government. The annual hunt in Taiji, in a picturesque whaling town on the Pacific coast, began early Tuesday morning according to activists from the Sea Shepherd marine …

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Caroline Kennedy On Familiar Ground In Japan

A week before the 50th anniversary of her father’s death, Caroline Kennedy entered the country she studied and began to admire many years ago: Japan. Kennedy was sworn in as the US Ambassador to Japan on November 12, 2013, making her the first female US Ambassador to the Asian country. Kennedy has long been enamored with Japan, and the fondness …

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Caroline Kennedy: Humbled To Carry On JFK’s Legacy

Caroline Kennedy has been nominated by President Obama to serve as the US Ambassador to Japan. Caroline is the former First Daughter of former President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Bouvier Kennedy. At 55 years old, she is the only living child of the famous couple. As she awaits confirmation from the Senate, she said that she would …

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Caroline Kennedy Carries Eternal Flame to Ireland

Caroline Kennedy, daughter of American president John F. Kennedy, carried an eternal flame from her father’s gravesite in Arlington National Cemetery in the United States, all the way to Dunganstown in County Wexford, Ireland. There she used that flame this past Saturday to light another in commemoration of the president’s historic visit there fifty years earlier. While JFK’s visit to …

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Caroline Kennedy: Obama And JFK Are A Lot Alike

Caroline Kennedy spoke up on behalf of President Obama on Thursday at the DNC, following up on her support of his campaign four years ago by saying he has something her own father admired: courage. Kennedy made it clear that one of the things she appreciates most about Obama is his stance on women’s rights, not just economically, but health-wise. …

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