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BlogWorld: Monetizing Your Blog

WebProNews is at the BlogWorld and New Media Expo in Las Vegas. In a session on "Smart Ways To Monetize Your Blog" the speakers discussed strategies to generate revenue for blogs.

Mobile Ads Coming To Twitter?

Ads have the ability to both make money and annoy users; finding the right balance between these results is a goal of just about every company.  Now it appears that Twitter may soon implement ads, and the microblogging service is first kissing up to its fans with random compliments.

AOL’s Social Networks Not Looking So Good

If it’s a well-known social network, and it’s not owned by AOL, it’s probably in okay shape.  That’s what I’m starting to conclude, anyway, after viewing the latest numbers from Nielsen//NetRatings; among the top ten sites, everything other than AOL Hometown and AOL People Connection is going up.

Forbes Could Acquire Clipmarks

Forbes may soon acquire Clipmarks, a social bookmarking site.  According to one of Clipmarks’s co-founders, the deal hasn’t yet gone through, but it looks as if the two companies are getting pretty cozy.

Facebook Woops: Giuliani’s Girl Goes For Barack
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If you’re running for the highest office in the land, it’s probably a good idea to check to see what your daughter’s doing, if she’s going to vote for you, and if not, will she be quiet about it? Wouldn’t you double check her social network profiles?

Yahoo Properties Go Out Of Order

Everyone’s Internet connection goes a little bit wonky from time to time, and after having trouble reaching Yahoo.com, I thought this morning was one of those times for me.  But I was wrong; it turns out that Yahoo was having issues.

Twitter – Good or Bad?

CNET is running opposite perspectives on social messaging service Twitter.

CBS Snaps Up Wallstrip

Wallstrip is a Web video show that, through its mix of “stock culture meets pop culture,” is closely associated with Wall Street.  Now it’s also associated with CBS – although those two names aren’t so similar, CBS has just acquired the company for an unspecified amount.

CBS Snaps Up Wallstrip
CBS Snaps Up Wallstrip
CBS Snaps Up Wallstrip

Colbert Sets Off Googlebomb

The Google bomb is back, and Stephen Colbert is, figuratively speaking, riding atop it, cowboy hat in hand.  That’s right – according to the top Google search results, Colbert is the "greatest living American," and, as it so happens, also possesses some "giant brass balls."

Wall Street Journal Legally Blogging

It took the Journal 106 years to make color a part of the print edition, but the publishers have integrated blogging relatively quickly to the online version of the paper.