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Carol Costello Apologizes for Laughing About Bristol Palin’s Brawl

Carol Costello, anchor for CNN, caught some flak this past week for her on-air reaction to audio of Bristol Palin after a “drunken brawl” in Alaska. Police in Anchorage released audio of interviews they did on the scene of an altercation that involved the Palin family. They had already released the officers’ reports compiled from the audio, but the tapes …

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Carol Costello Takes Atlanta’s Mayor to Task [VIDEO]

By now, most people have probably heard about the city of Atlanta coming to a halt after it snowed earlier this week, and believe it or not, the snow accumulation was only two inches, but it still caused plenty of havoc. To this day, people are still fighting traffic, kids are still out of school and some folks are just …

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