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Carnie Wilson: Disorder Revealed Via Twitter

Last year, Carnie Wilson, the famous pop singer and actress, stated that she had lost significant weight after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Now, Wilson has revealed another very personal condition to her Twitter followers. The singer told fans on March 14 that she is currently suffering from Bell’s Palsy on the left side of her face. Bell’s Palsy is a …

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Carnie Wilson 30 Pounds Lighter After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Wilson Phillips singer Carnie Wilson has undergone a second gastric bypass surgery, she confirmed to People Magazine. The weight-loss surgery was performed in January, and since then Wilson says she’s lost 30 pounds. The singer underwent the same procedure in 1999 and had great success–losing 150 pounds–and even showed off her newly svelte body in 2003 by posing nude in …

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