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Weiner’s Pseudonym Now A Hot-Dog Brand

Everyone’s favorite scandal-plagued New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner may never live his ordeal down. ABC News has taken notice of a Florida marketing man named Randall Richards who has teamed up with an Illinois hot dog manufacturer called Thrushwood Farms Quality Meats to produce a brand called Carlos Danger Weiners, which he incorporated into Carlos Danger LLC. Obviously, Weiner’s …

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Carlos Danger Name Generator Yields Hilarious Results

With Anthony Weiner back in the headlines this week, it has come out that the former Congressman may have been sexting under the pseudonym “Carlos Danger” with a woman who claims their online transgressions went on after his resignation from Congress. Naturally, the story–published on–is making the rounds on the web as a particularly hilarious part of Weinergate. Weiner …

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