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Keanu Reeves’ Film ’47 Ronin’ Based on True Japanese Story

Veteran actor and man of action, Keanu Reeves, is back with yet another action thriller. This time, he’s starring in the Carl Rinsch-directed film “47 Ronin.” The newly revised film is actually an adaptation of a true Japanese story. The film’s plot was derived from an actual historical event known as the Edo Period, which translates to the word, “Chushingura.” …

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47 Ronin Folktale-Film Adaptation Stars Keanu Reeves

Universal Pictures is premiering the new UK trailer for the troubled fantasy adventure 47 Ronin, debuting Christmas Day to US audiences (its original release date was to be November 2012). The movie is a Hollywood production of an oft-adapted Japanese folktale about 47 Ronin (leaderless samurai) who avenge the disgracing of their leader. The story is one of the most …

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