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Yahoo Shareholders Think Less Of Board Change

Rather than having security escort all of Yahoo’s current board off the premises, some major Yahoo investors think there’s room for a mix of old and new directors running the show.

No Early Trial Date For Yahoo

The Carl Icahn side of the Yahoo chess match suffered a set back after a Delaware judge refused to grant an expedited trial to decide whether CEO Jerry Yang and board chairman Roy Bostock should be held financially responsible for blocking a Microsoft acquisition and for designing a so-called "poison pill" to jack up the cost of an acquisition.

Icahn Considering Merits Of Yahoo, Google Pact

While it doesn’t represent a quick exit from his holdings in Yahoo with a tidy profit, billionaire investor Carl Icahn did not dismiss the ad deal between the two search advertising companies.

Yahoo’s Poison Pill Headed For Court

Last week’s letter war between Carl Icahn and Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock was just a preview of what’s to come. Ichan and company have challenged Yahoo’s employee retention plan (Icahn calls it a severance plan) in a Delaware court. Slated to go to trial in July, the legal matter will be settled in advance of the annual shareholders meeting on August 1.

Yahoo Files Proxy Statement
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Another open letter signed by Roy Bostock and Jerry Yang came into public sight today, but never fear – this one leaves behind some of the Yahoo-Icahn bickering, and instead, announces Yahoo’s filing of its definitive proxy statement.

Yahoo/Icahn Letter War Heats Up

It may be safe to officially declare no love lost between Yahoo chairman of the board Roy Bostock and billionaire activist investor Carl Ichan. In fact, we may need Wilmer Valderrama to officiate as these guys play the dozens.

Icahn Wants Antidote For Yahoo Poison Pill
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As Carl Icahn preps his proxy fight for Yahoo’s board, he wants the company to eliminate the poison pill provision that pays employees lavishly if they leave Yahoo after a takeover.

Yahoo’s Shareholder Meeting Scheduled For August

It’s a good news/try not to choke Jerry Yang situation for anyone eager to see the Microsoft-Yahoo mess resolved; a firm-looking date has been set for Yahoo’s shareholder meeting, yet it’s on the slightly faraway day of August 1st.

FTC Smiles At Icahn

In the never-ending Yahoo-Microsoft mess, we might be getting somewhere; Carl Icahn has received a wave from the FTC.  The billionaire can buy even more shares of Yahoo’s stock and push his proxy fight forward.

More Delays: Yahoo Postpones Annual Meeting
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Once again, Yahoo found a way to put off its pursuers, this time pushing back their scheduled annual meeting by several weeks.

Pickens Follows Icahn With Big Yahoo Buy

Billionaire oilman and investor T. Boone Pickens told the world he followed Carl Icahn’s Yahoo investment with a 10 million share buy.

Microsoft’s Yahoo Alternative
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Carl Icahn’s threat to takeover Yahoo’s board may have worked to get the two sides talking about a deal, though not the full-scale acquisition Microsoft first raised in January.

Yang Writes Employees Another Brainwashing Letter
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There haven’t been any signs that Yahoo will make its employees work from within isolation tanks.  That almost seems like the next logical step, though, as Jerry Yang has followed up Carl Icahn’s critical words with yet another "all is well, stay on task" letter to Yahoo’s troops.

Yahoo To Icahn: Just Go Away
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Carl Icahn’s hostile board takeover bid received a cold reception from Yahoo, which tried to justify why it rejected Microsoft’s lucrative acquisition offer.

Icahn Throws Haymaker At Yahoo Board
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Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn published a letter he submitted to Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock, officially confirming his intent to challenge Yahoo’s board.

A Short Guide To Carl Icahn’s Ten Men

Consider it confirmed: Carl Icahn wants to stick ten new men on Yahoo’s board of directors.  Icahn’s even gone so far as to provide their names and biographies, and the men constitute a rather interesting collection.

Icahn May Move To Replace Yahoo’s Board

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn made his intentions known after acquiring some 50 million shares of Yahoo stock: he’s going to wage the proxy fight that Microsoft chose not to conduct.

Carl Icahn, Yahoo’s New Bogeyman

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang’s successful rebuff of Microsoft’s takeover bid may be a short-lived victory, as legendary investor Carl Icahn may be itching for a proxy fight.

Yahoo In Corporate Raider’s Crosshairs

The sale of Yahoo to Microsoft isn’t going away without a proxy fight. Billionaire Carl Icahn, the guy they made Wall Street movies about in the Eighties and had to invent the phrase "corporate raider" for, is said to have gathered up 50 million shares in Yahoo.

Motorola Spits Out Handset Business

The bitter taste of disappointing profits in Motorola’s handset operations will be spun off as the electronics manufacturer tries saving itself by splitting into two companies.

BEA Flips Off Oracle Offer

A 25 percent premium for BEA in an all-cash offer from Oracle elicited a mild chuckle from BEA’s VP of business planning and development, William Klein.