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Caribbean Vacations Take A Quantum Leap Into The Future

Caribbean vacations are what some might call the perfect getaway. It’s not all sunshine though as cruise ships aren’t exactly a favorite among all travelers. Some might even be more skeptical after a number of high profile disasters on cruise ships over the past few years. Royal Caribbean wants to change all that. Business Week reports that Royal Caribbean has …

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Summer Vacation Ideas On A Budget

Summer vacation time is here and generally, that makes the wallet cringe. With the economy still on the slow rise people are traveling more, but are being a little more cautious. If you are in this situation, but want to give your family a great summer vacation, here are some ideas for more cost- and family-friendly summer vacations to take …

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Jamaica Crash Landing Caused by Pilot Error

The investigation of a Jamaican plane crash that occurred almost five years ago has cited a botched landing coupled with pilot fatigue as being the cause of the incident which seriously injured fourteen passengers. On Dec. 22, 2009, an American Airlines Boeing 737-829 overshot a rain-soaked landing strip at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica, and split into segments. …

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Norovirus: 600 People Infected Aboard Cruise Ship

The ship Explorer of the Seas is on its way back to port after an outbreak of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says is the norovirus. The outbreak has sickened 600 people aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise. Norovirus is a rapidly spreading stomach bug that became so bad onboard the ship, it literally forced the cruise …

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St. Lucia Murder – Two More Arrests Made

A total of five suspects are in custody for the brutal killing of 62-year-old Roger Pratt while aboard his yacht that was anchored in St. Lucia. Roger and his wife Margaret were on a round-the-world yachting adventure on their ship, the Magnetic Attraction, since June to celebrate her 60th birthday. Police Commissioner Vernon Francois said the Pratts apparently heard noises …

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