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Public Relations – PR Career Basics

Public relations now forms a major part of the entertainment industry, business and politics. It can be a fascinating career for someone who is dedicated, creative and a strong communicator.

Using ‘The Art of War’ For Effective Career Planning

Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” has been profoundly discussed by academics and historians since its publication. It has also been widely used in implementing marketing strategies, in project management, in combat operations, in politics, and in any field that requires strategic planning and implementation.

Microsoft Brings Tools To CareerBuilder

Access to Visual Studio Express and SQL Express through the job search site CareerBuilder.com will be provided by Microsoft in a partnership deal.

Market Yourself Like Your #1 Product

Analyze what differentiates you from others in your field. Map out a strategy.

Effect of Organizational Culture on KM Technology

Park, Ribiere and Schulte (2004) in their study, investigate the key attributes of organizational culture that support more effective application of knowledge management (KM) technologies.

Career Training With Continuing Education

Career training is something many individuals seek through continuing education.

Search Engines C Demand For Programmers

The need for C/C++ programmers varies among the major search engine companies; Horace Greeley’s advice to go West definitely applies here.

Defining Geospatial Industry Workforce Demand

Phase 1 of the GITA/AAG Department of Labor High Growth Grant, Defining and Communicating Geospatial Technology Industry Workforce Demand is now completed and waiting for your feedback.

Interested in a Search Marketing Career?

Mike Taylor, of Jobs In Search, has just uploaded audio of his interview with your’s truly.

Blogging and Careers

Some folks are talking about the Boston Globe article on blogging being essential to a good career.

How To Bulletproof Your Career!

In the not-too-distant past, ascending the corporate ladder assured management professionals of a bigger office, a stronger compensation package and a more secure future.

Majority of Chinese Office Workers Blog

According to CBP Career Consultants Co., Ltd., a leading career consulting firm in China, 52% of white-collar workers now keep blogs.

Three Ways To Jumpstart Your IT Career

We all get stuck in ruts from time to time, and that happens on the job as well.

Blogging Isn’t Just Writing, It’s a Dialogue

So magazine vet Simon Dumenco is saying that blogs are just writing and that he underlying creative/media function remains exactly the same.

Yahoo Exec Puts Career On Automattic

Toni Schneider, lately the man behind Yahoo’s Developer Network, will leave the cozy confines of Sunnyvale for the dual joys of heading a startup and partnering in a venture capital firm.

Career Path After the CCNA
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Once you’ve got your CCNA, you’re ready to move on to the next level, the Professional certifications.

Why Soft Skills?

Technical skills have little value if you have poor soft skills. Don’t get me wrong, your tech expertise matters. But don’t be fooled by your tech skills. King of Linux, champion of Oracle? You’ve got it made, right? Give me a break! Tech skills alone are no guarantee of success.

Is It Time To Update Your Resume?
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The motto “Be prepared,” isn’t just great advice for Boy Scouts; it’s also great career advice. You never know when the perfect career opportunity will present itself. If a recruiter called you today with your dream job, would you be prepared to send out an up-to-date resume right away?

Where Is Your Career Headed?

Does your career seem to be going nowhere fast? Is it because of the economy, your company, your boss, or your co-workers? Is it everyone’s fault but your own?

Portrait of a Portfolio Career: An Answer to the Perfect Job?

Do you cringe when you look at your resume through the eyes of a prospective employer, afraid the wide range of jobs listed will disqualify you?

MSN Hunting For AdCenter Marketers

It looks like one doesn’t have to be a google-eyed scientist to work for MSN, where marketing jobs abound.