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Utah Car Crash Kills 5, Injures 2

The Fourth of July weekend is one of the most dangerous driving weekends in the U.S., with millions of motorists hitting the nation’s highways – and many of them not entirely sober. This danger was viscerally illustrated this weekend by a deadly car crash in a remote part of Utah. The crash, as reported by the Salt Lake Tribune, took …

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I-25 Accident Leads To Hundred Car Pileup

1-25 Northbound was re-opened late Saturday afternoon after a major car pile-up had closed down the road between University Boulevard and Broadway in Denver, Colo. earlier in the day. According to Denver law enforcement officials the closure was caused by two separate car accidents on the same stretch of road. As more information was gathered as to the seriousness of …

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Miss Claudette From Netflix’s ‘Orange Is The New Black’ In ICU After Awaking From Coma

Actress Michelle Hurst, who plays Miss Claudette on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black is in the intensive care unit in a North Carolina hospital after being in a coma. She was in a car accident last month before being placed under a 16-day medically-induced coma. She woke up on Thursday. Now, her friends associated with the show are spreading …

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