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Gaining Financial Insights with the ROCE Tree Part 2

Structure of the ROCE tree

This type of analysis is called a ROCE Tree as it is often represented in the shape of a tree:

Gaining Financial Insights with the ROCE Tree Part 1

Few professionals in competitive intelligence have attended a formal financial analysis course: yet, analyzing a company’s financial statement is often part of the job. The following framework should be part of your portfolio of tools. It is geared toward those who understand financial terms, but do not know how to pull together financial ratios to “tell the story.” We at Competia particularly like this tool for the following reasons:

Using Venture Capital To Start Up Or Expand

The world of the venture capitalists is a multi-billion dollar world. At any point in time there are billions of dollars of venture capital available. For the start up, operational, or expansion needs of all kinds and sizes of businesses. And if you have a viable business or idea you can get the venture capital that you seek.

The New Guide To Winning Venture Capital

First let me say that “yes Virginia” there will be IPOs this year. And yes there will again be overnight millionaires. What do you have to do to get those venture guys in Silicon Valley to give you the money you need to make everyone wealthy?

Africa’s Equity Markets – The Final Frontier Of Global Capital

As diverse and contrasting is the continent of Africa, so too are Africa’s capital markets. With 53 countries, the African continent has over 20 active stock exchanges, including one of the only regional stock exchanges in the world, linking eight French-speaking countries in West Africa. With a market capitalisation of over US$ 180 billion in South Africa, Africa hosts one of the largest stock markets in he world. This is in stark contrast to the other African stock markets that have comparatively small market capitalisations.

Five Tips To Help Entrepreneurs Find Early Stage Capital

Profit Dynamics Inc., a research firm in Fountain Hills, Arizona, founded by Brian Hill and Dee Power, authors of the books, “Attracting Capital From Angels,” and “Inside Secrets To Venture Capital,” recently conducted a survey of 74 venture capital firms from all regions of the United States. They were asked their views about the outlook for the early stage capital market in the upcoming year. On the whole, the VCs responded with at least a moderate degree of optimism, the overall theme being–the worst may be over. They were then asked this question:

2003 Outlook For Venture Capital Is Brighter

Entrepreneurs polish up your PowerPoint presentations and practice your pitches, because the venture capital purse strings may be starting to loosen up.

Getting to the Next Level …without Venture Capital

Don’t get stuck thinking that venture capital is the only route to the promised land of success. There’s a road block you say? No way around the costs of going national, or even global – no way to increase your profits without more money?

Focus (on the customer)
I don’t have to tell you again. You’ve read it a hundred times. Know who your customers are; know how to reach them with your ads.