Foursquare Gets $41 Million in Funding to Help Build the ‘Location Layer for the Internet,’ Better Monetize

Foursquare Gets $41 Million in Funding to Help Build the ‘Location Layer for the Internet,’ Better Monetize

By Josh Wolford April 11, 2013

Foursquare has announced that the company has secured $41 million in funding from private equity firm Silver Lake Waterman, as well as existing investors Andreessen Horowitz, O‚ÄôReilly AlphaTech Ventures, Spark Capital, and Union Square Ventures. CEO Dennis Crowley announced the …

Tumblr Finds Funding

It’s not quite ready to overtake Blogger or TypePad – from which it claims to be completely different – but Tumblr, a blogging company, is now $750,000 richer thanks to a round of funding.

Boosting Your Social Capital with Facebook

I am sure that over the course of the last few days most of you folks out there may have bumped into one article or another around the subject of the usefulness, or not, from Facebook.

Yahoo Gains Search (Ad) Ground Against Google

According to a new study, search marketers are still giving far more money to Google than to Yahoo.  But when spending increases were presented as percentages, it turned out that Yahoo experienced a greater gain.

Iheard: Internet Radio Search Engine

Recently FUSA Capital Corp launched iheard, a search engine for music, sports and talk radio stations.

About the search engine:

OSS Venture Capital & M&A

Many of you may have heard that Matthew Aslett is over at The 451 Group now.

Trulia Voices Sounding Strong

Trulia deals in real estate search, but it recently launched a forum (or “social media platform”) known as Trulia Voices.  Curious as to how the project’s coming along?  Luckily for you, Trulia has provided a “71 day pulse check.”

Yahoo, Capital One Release “Saving Zone”

I liked Capital One’s “barbarian” commercials, and for the foreseeable future, that’s what’ll come to mind whenever I think of the company.  But a new association has taken place, as well, because Yahoo and Capital One have teamed up to create the “Capital One Saving Zone.”

Web 2.0 Expo: Venture Capital 2.0

A popular and very funny session today was the session entitled “Venture Capital 2.0: Bright Future or Broken Forever?”. This session was moderated by Mike Arrington of Techcrunch who is a former VC himself and current angel investor. It appeared like it could be boring listen to a bunch of venture capitalists talk, but Arrington did a very nice job spicing it up with well-timed insults and jokes.

CBS SportsLine Relaunches
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CBS SportsLine, an Internet sports media organization and part of CBS Interactive has launched its redesigned Community homepage, providing registered users with more ways to contribute to the site and interact with other members.

 The redesigned community enables members to create a "reputation" on the site by contributing to message boards, connecting with other users, taking part in fantasy games and by the overall frequency of their behavior.

Why Office 2.0 Matters

I’ve been invited to blog the "Under The Radar: Why Office 2.0 Matters" event on March 23rd.

Cell Phone Advertising is Taking the Leap

The next major competitive arena for advertisers is clearly cell phones and they seem to be leaping into the fray with enthusiasm.

Spock Mind Melds With $7 Million

A search engine company with a sci-fi name and a bare-bones website “received $7 million in a Series A funding round from Clearstone Venture Partners and Opus Capital Ventures” earlier this week. The company, known as “Spock,” describes itself as “the world’s largest people search engine.”

MIT Venture Capital Conference Videos

As I noted a couple of weeks ago, I was a panelist on one of the sessions in the 2006 MIT Venture Capital Conference in Cambridge, MA.

Is The Valley Better For Software Startups?

I want to start out by saying that this is one of the more troubling articles that I’ve written for this blog.

VON: Venture Capital And Leadership

Money. Startups need it, investors have it, and venture capital firms can bring them together. Though the prospect of composing a business plan and getting it in front of a VC might seem daunting, it could be well worth the effort.

Raise “Guerilla” Rather Than Traditional Capital

We have compiled a list of some practices which seem sure to kill your chances to attract investors. Ignore these lessons at your peril: