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Internet Traffic Jam By 2010?

Whenever we discuss other countries’ faster Internet connections, there’s something of a “so what?” factor; after all, what we have now generally works well enough.  But a new study from Nemertes Research indicates that serious problems might emerge by 2010.

Larry Irving

Live Search Capacity Problems

Eytan Seidman of Live Search has announced that the link command operator was recently offline due to “mass automated usage for data mining.” He goes on to say that:

So for now, we have made the tough call to block all queries with these operators.

Toshiba Pumps Up Capacity of Dual-Format DVD

Today, Memory-Tech Corporation and Toshiba Corporation unveiled a single-sided, three-layer ROM disc for high capacity storage and playback on both DVD and HD DVD formats.

Mac OS X: Time Machine

Apple has added something they are calling Time Machine to the upcoming “Leopard” release of OS X.

OPEC Ups Capacity, Crude Climbs: Now What?

Light sweet crude continues to look to the sky as the price per barrel climbed beyond $56 mark in mid morning trades. The price stayed above $56 for a fair portion of yesterday. OPEC pushed their official ceiling and said they will consider producing more in the coming months. Oil prices continue to climb so what happens now?

Oil Prices Show Sensitivity To Refining Capacity

Though OPEC is nearly at capacity in oil production, prices have started to rise on refinery concerns.

Gmail Capacities Continue To Increase

Last Friday, Google revealed their intentions to increase the storage capacity of Gmail accounts, moving them past the 1-gigabyte mark.

Google Doubles Gmail Storage Capacity, Adds Features
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As Google celebrated the 1 year birthday of Gmail, it announced that it was doubling the storage capacity for accounts to 2 gigabytes.

Ryanair To Double Passenger Capacity

Ryanair has ordered 70 single-aisle planes from Boeing worth more than $4 billion in an effort to double its passenger capacity.

Small Business Server and e-Commerce Capacity

Question: I’m a partner (one of six) in a small business and am trying to deploy our web site with an attendant web-based application (survey data collection and reporting). The system is being designed in Java and is using SQL Server as the back-end. We were thinking of launching this on a box running MS Small Business Server 2000 (as it would then also obviate a number of other small business software needs, such as email with Exchange server, internet security, etc.). Is this deployment strategy reasonable? Does SBS handle enough anonymous TCP/IP connections to do e-commerce where we don’t know how many people my be trying to connect to our database to buy stuff?

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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