Ayn Rand Disowned by VP Candidate Paul Ryan

Ayn Rand Disowned by VP Candidate Paul Ryan

By Sean Patterson August 14, 2012 | 44 Comments

Now that Paul Ryan has been chosen as presidential candidate Mit Romney’s running mate, the incessant digging into Ryan’s past has commenced. As a part of that digging, the candidate’s beliefs and past speeches are now being vetted. As relatively …

Presidential Candidate Thompson Draws Traffic


Newly declared Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson had more visitors to his Web site than any of the other candidates according to Hitwise for the week ending September 8, 2007.

Mitt Romney – Jumpcut Candidate Remix

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has teamed with Yahoo on an ad-creation contest for his campaign.

Hitwise To Scrutinize Election 2008

If you are a serious political junkie, then life just got a little better, as Hitwise has launched a new Election 2008 Data Center that offers online usage data about the 2008 U.S. presidential election.

Search Isn’t Finding Candidate Stands On Issues

Though it is estimated 42 percent of voters use the Internet to find information about Presidential candidates, those voters are not being served as well as they could be.

WordPress Blogging Pipeline & Projections

One of the WordPress development team, Ryan Born, noted in his post WordPress 2.2 Release Candidate 1 will not include a tagging feature, the next version could include a comprehensive taxonomy framework which could open up the field for interesting plugins.

The year has been an interesting one for WordPress bloggers with the release of about 5 major and incremental upgrades since the start of the year.

Be Careful When Writing Online

Because it could cost you your job and it’s definitely true.

MySQL 5.0 Release Candidate Available

It’s been a long time coming but the wait is nearly over (and well worth it). If you haven’t been following MySQL 5.0 development very closely …

Candidate Podcasts, Sort Of

Tim Kaine, Virginia’s lieutenant governor and candidate for the state’s top job, has his first “podcast” promoted heavily on his home page. Problem is, it isn’t a podcast, just a downloadable audio file.

Five Secrets To Successful Interviewing and Hiring

The technical communications profession involves a unique mix of technical and communication skills, which is not easy to find.

Mozilla Preparing Firefox 1.0.3 Update

In light of the discovery of new security vulnerabilities in the Firefox browser, the Mozilla developmental team is hard at work on an update to the blossoming and very popular web browser.

Out Recruit The Competition

We hear from our clients that they “hope the candidate takes the job.” Hiring a candidate shouldn’t be a guessing game.