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Canadian Supreme Court Rules ISPs Not Broadcasters

Is an ISP a broadcaster? The Canadian Supreme Court doesn’t seem to think so. Canada’s Supreme Court, in a ruling this morning, says that ISPs are not subject to the same rules that broadcasters are. Cultural groups argued that since …

Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Gives Me The Warm & Fuzzies Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Gives Me The Warm & Fuzzies
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My god, there are a lot of quality Super Bowl advertisements that have been leaked before Sunday’s big game. You’ve got the Soup Nazi Acura ad, Audi’s perfectly soundtracked vampire-killing ad, Matthew Broderick reliving one of my favorite movies ever, …

Canadians Send Lego Man To Space…Kind Of Canadians Send Lego Man To Space…Kind Of

Blame Canada, they say, well this time you certainly can. According to a source, a couple of canadian teens spent $400 on a science project to send their flag holding lego man far up into the air. Matthew Ho and …

Canadian Constable Uses Social Media Canadian Constable Uses Social Media

A Toronto police constable is using a popular social network to keep in touch with members in his community. Scott Mills is using the popular site Foursquare.com and he encourages other public servants to do the same. Scott feels social …

Bill C-11: SOPA’s Canadian Hellspawn
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Blocked websites. Infinite copyrights. Draconian entertainment industries. Judicial targeting of “pirate” sites. Users’ loss of Internet access. If you’ve followed the news of the metastatic Stop Online Piracy Act in the United States, you’re probably familiar with the above dystopian …

Are ISPs “Broadcasters”? Canada Will Find Out.
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In Canada, the regulatory agency charged with overseeing broadcast distributors, Internet service providers,and telephone services is the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission – the CRTC. You might think of them as the Canuck FCC. The CRTC has been seeking to …

Man Threatens Police On Facebook, Gets Arrested Man Threatens Police On Facebook, Gets Arrested

You should never threaten the police, even on Facebook. CTV in Canada is reporting that a man was threatening to shoot police officers and that he had posted the threat on Facebook. RCMP Const. Janice Schoepp says that a Facebook …

Twitter Wins: Canada Changes Election Day Gag Law

It was November 4, 1980, Election Day in the United States. At 9:01 P.M. by the clock in the Oval Office, President Jimmy Carter called now President-elect Ronald Reagan and conceded the race to him graciously. His concession was announced …

Torrent Files Traced Back to Canadian Parliament Torrent Files Traced Back to Canadian Parliament

So, it’s simple to catch Internet pirates, eh? You just grab their IP address when they download stuff from Torrent sites, trace it back to the source and click the cuffs on those thieves. Except when the breadcrumb trail leads …

Canadian Man Enters U.S. With Scanned Passport on iPad Canadian Man Enters U.S. With Scanned Passport on iPad
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This certainly isn’t going to sit well with the border hawks who want to fence off the borders of the United States: a man successfully crossed the Canadian/U.S. border without presenting his passport. It starts out sounding like a bad …

RIM Faces Lawsuit Over BlackBerry Outage RIM Faces Lawsuit Over BlackBerry Outage
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Remember that 4 day outage that left BlackBerry owners all over the world without BlackBerry Messenger, email and in some cases, web browsing? Did you think that it was over when RIM apologized and threw free apps at the affected …

Netflix Just Hitting A Million Members in Canada After Nearly a Year Netflix Just Hitting A Million Members in Canada After Nearly a Year
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After launching in Canada in September, Netflix has now announced that it has hit the million member mark in that country. Well, they’re just now announcing it anyway. It actually occurred in July, but still, that’s ten months. Netflix says …

AOL Launches Huffington Post Canada and New AOL TV AOL Launches Huffington Post Canada and New AOL TV
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The AOL content factory continues to expand, as the company made a couple of big announcements today – the launch of Huffington Post Canada, and the relaunch of AOL TV. The Canadian version of the hugely popular Huffington Post, will …

Netflix Bandwidth Settings Announced for Capped Users in Canada

Earlier this month, AT&T announced an end to uncapped internet, saying that on May 2nd it will begin limiting DSL customers to 150 GB per month of usage. Usage caps have become much more strict for our neighbors up north, …

Should There Be an iPod Tax?
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The largest performers union in Canada is attempting to place a tax on iPods.

A quick search of the TechDirt database reveals that one organization or another has been attempting to achieve this for awhile now.

So this is nothing new, but still worth revisiting.

Commissioner: “Google Contravened Canadian Privacy Law”

This isn’t at all Google’s week when it comes to international regulations and the company’s collection of sensitive WiFi data.  First came the news it might be fined $3.3 million in Spain.  Now there’s been an official declaration that Google broke Canadian privacy laws.

Good Week for Netflix Marred by Gaffes
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You would think it would have been a good week for Netflix, given that the company began its first expansion into another country. Netflix launched its Canadian streaming-only service earlier this week. 

Canadian Privacy Authority Approves Facebook Changes
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Facebook’s privacy team can breathe a small sigh of relief; the Privacy Commissioner of Canada is not going to trouble them further at this time.  Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has completed a review and determined that Facebook’s in many ways cleaned up its act since last year.

Netflix Launches in Canada Without DVDs, Smaller Streaming Catalog
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In July, Netflix said it would expand into Canada this fall, and the company made good on that promise as it made the announcement today. This marks the first international expansion of the company. 

Yahoo Canada Partners With Zoocasa

Canadians with an interest in real estate should now get more use out of the Yahoo homepage.  Yahoo Canada has partnered with a company called Zoocasa to launch a new application that’s located right by eBay- and Facebook-related apps.

Zoocasa is supposed to be Canada’s fastest-growing real estate site, and a statement issued by Yahoo explained, "Now the more than 17 million Canadians who visit Yahoo! every month will be able to search for a new home, research local neighbourhoods and receive updates about properties that fit their personal profile . . ."

Booyah Taps Google Maps API, Places to Take MyTown International

Booyah announced today that it is taking MyTown international.

 The company has launched support for MyTown (for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) across Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. The company says this makes MyTown the first to support global check-ins utilizing the recently launched Places Web Service via the Google Maps API.