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Facebook Wins Huge Judgment In Spam Suit
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"You win some, you lose some" may well be Facebook’s unofficial motto.  Even as word spread this morning that the company had tried and failed to acquire Twitter, there’s fresh news that a spam lawsuit led to it being awarded over $873 million in damages.

Spammers Sentenced, Ordered To Pay AOL

It makes one wonder how convicted spammers are treated in prison. The most recent pair of spammers prosecuted saw witnesses from five states come to testify against them and co-spammers turned on them for (presumably) lighter sentences.

‘Instant Lawsuit’ Not As Good As The Real Thing

A lawsuit filed in the name of the Federal CAN-SPAM Act backfired on the plaintiff to the tune of $111,000. This is thought to be the first verdict to award legal fees to a defendant falsely accused of spamming.

ValueClick Investors Unworried By Probe

Concerns about violations of the federal CAN-SPAM Act have prompted the Federal Trade Commission to investigate; shares continue to move upward.