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Paris Hilton Gets Apology From The Nude Photo Hacker

Cameron Lacroix, the 26-year-old hacker from New Bedford who’s responsible for the Paris Hilton nude photo leak back in 2005, has apologized to the celebrity for invading her privacy. The apology came as Lacroix is about to begin his four-year sentence for several counts of hacking including credit card fraud. In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Lacroix addressed Hilton, …

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Paris Hilton Phone Hacker Pleads Guilty To String Of Cyber Crimes

Cameron Lacroix, also known as “cam0,” “leetjones,” or “Freak,” is once again in trouble with the authorities. In 2005, Lacroix hacked Paris Hilton’s cellphone and leaked incriminating photos of the socialite. Now, Lacroix is facing new charges as he allegedly stole bank information from over 14,000 account holders. Prosecutors said that he has been doing it for the last three …

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Paris Hilton’s Phone Hacker In Trouble Again

Paris Hilton’s phone hacker is in the news again and it seems this guy just can’t be around a computer without getting deep into trouble. Cameron Lacroix, 25, aka “cam0” or “Freak” or “leetjones”, hacked into Hilton’s phone in 2005 and leaked pictures of the heiress that he obtained. He then spent 11 months in a juvenile detention center for …

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