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Calvin And Hobbes Dance Over At YouTube

There’s little arguing when it comes to the position of Calvin and Hobbes in the annals of entertainment history; that is, right at the top. The revered comic strip is still fawned over by fans, even though there hasn’t been any new content since December, 1995. While search engines aren’t necessarily the go-to metric when it comes to discussing viral …

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The Trailer for Dear Mr. Watterson Released

It’s hard to deny the impact of Bill Watterson’s incredible Calvin and Hobbes comic strip has had on the new generation of content creators. The references and nods to Watterson’s legendary duo are almost too much to count, but considering the fact the comic strip itself still has over 200,000 subscribers on, even though there hasn’t been a new …

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‘Calvin And Hobbes’ Auction: Rare Artwork For Sale

Bill Watterson created one of the most iconic comic strips of our time, landing himself up there with Charles Schulz in the world of comic art. His beloved characters, Calvin and Hobbes, have become as much a part of our pop culture as they have a fixture in the American landscape of cartoons, and his rare, original pieces are much …

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