Calacanis Gets Free SEO Report For Mahalo

Calacanis Gets Free SEO Report For Mahalo

By WebProNews Staff October 19, 2007

It maybe that Jason Calacanis just likes stirring up the SEO crowd, or it could be that he really feels a certain way about them. Either way, the hostility that met him at the beginning of the week meets him again at its close.

Google Squishing Squidoo Over Spam
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Pages on Squidoo that had enjoyed high rankings in Google have been dropping in the search engine’s rankings. Spam has been cited as the culprit.

Calacanis & Godin – Ultimate Linkbait?

Calacanis Building the Next Google?
Having recently read Jason Calacanis’ blog post about how to correctly place your lips on his butt, if you want him to link to you, I can’t help but think Valleywag’s speculation, that the former blogging mogul is building a search engine, is nothing but that.

SES: Watch Your Wikipedia Steps
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Some marketers swear by what a well-made Wikipedia entry can do for one’s online presence. But the perils are many and the punishments are swift for those who try to game the online encyclopedia for personal gain.

Patel’s Calacanis Challenge Update

On Monday I blogged about the Jason Calacanis challenge and how he received a 21% increase in traffic with only 10% of the changes being made so far. Many people have been wondering what the 10% of the changes were and some have even blogged that it could have been a fluke.

Just to give everyone a better understanding of how I calculated the 21% increase, I first took the 6 days before SEO was done and compared it to 6 other days roughly 20 days after SEO was implemented. The data before SEO was done was a bit biased because on one of the days his traffic doubled because he wrote on the Oscars and the following day his traffic returned to normal. On that Monday, if he had normal traffic and did not blog on the Oscars his search traffic due to SEO would have increased by over 40%.

Will Calacanis Evangelize SEO?

Neil Patel has provided an update on his challenge to show Jason Calacanis that SEO is not “snake oil” and can in fact help a site increase its search engine traffic.

Patel Doing Well On Calacanis Challenge

Neil Patel stood up to Jason Calacanis’ SEO criticisms with a simple request: let me increase your daily search traffic by a minimum of 10 to 20 percent.

Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That

The blogosphere has exploded in the last two weeks over this new social phenomenon we’ve come to know as Twitter. While the buzz has certainly picked up concerning the service, statistics show that Twitter still has quite a ways to go to be considered a mainstream force in the online social scene.

The End of Black Hat SEO?

Many SEO specialists have taken exception to repeated comments made by Jason Calacanis, who claims that the profession is mostly comprised of charlatans and two-bit tricksters who rely on little more than shady smoke and mirror tactics alongside technical chicanery to boost a site

Harmful MyBlogLog Exploit

You know how when you goto peoples websites it knows your there? That is because of your cookie. Unfortunately that same cookie can also be used for a cross site script basically making you execute commands without your knowledge. I do not what to get into the exact code to make this work but I see people are doing it now.

If you look at my profile on MyBlogLog You will see 2 sites that I did not add.

Is Wikipedia On Its Last Legs?

The monetization of Wikipedia has been the subject of much debate, and even a little venom spitting, for the past several months. With reports surfacing that funding for the user-edited encyclopedia may be running out, will Wikians finally embrace an ad-supported business model?

According to Alexa, Wikipedia is the twelfth most popular site on the entire Internet. Within six months, however, the entire site could be non-existent.

Calacanis Accepts The SEO Challenge

After he called the SEO industry a bunch of snake oil salesmen and warned people away from smoking the "SEO crack," venture capitalist Jason Calacanis found himself on the receiving end of a call to action.

Sullivan Slaps Calacanis On SEO Criticism

Calling 90 percent of the SEO industry “snake oil salesmen” riled up one famed search professional; Danny Sullivan has hit back hard at Jason Calacanis for his continued attacks on SEO.

Social Media Optimization: The Backlash
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The SEO industry walks the proverbial tight rope every day, offering legitimate services to clients that can help them interact better with search engines, while at the same time dodging the stigma that SEO is merely spam tactics cleverly disguised using smoke and mirrors.

The reason that search engine optimization is garnering a negative reputation, however, may actually have more to do with shady social media optimization practices than anything else.

Dell/Google Computers Surface

A deal between Google and Dell has finally come to fruition: some computer owners, after booting up for the first time, are being greeted by the phrase “Welcome to your new Dell PC – in partnership with Google.”

Reflections on Jason Calacanis Keynote

On Tuesday at SES Chicago, Danny Sullivan interviewed Jason Calacanis.