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Verizon Sued For False Internet Speed Claims Verizon Sued For False Internet Speed Claims

Have you ever been disappointed in a piece of technology or service after being convinced by a company salesperson that it is the way to go? I think most of us have. Typically we can return the item or cancel …

Want The Fastest Internet? You Better Go With Cable Want The Fastest Internet? You Better Go With Cable

Tired of having those lags in loading a streaming video that interrupt your all-important viewing enjoyment? Want to be able to download gobs of torrents in the blink of an eye? Feel like your Internet connection moves slower than a …

Verizon and Cablevision Settle Out of Court Verizon and Cablevision Settle Out of Court

On December 7 we brought you a story that New York cable company Cablevision had filed suit against Verizon over ads accusing Cablevision of delivering just over half its promised data speeds during peak hours. In the ads Verizon said …

Cablevision Files Suit Against Verizon Cablevision Files Suit Against Verizon

New York-based cable television provider Cablevision has filed suit in federal court in Brooklyn against Verizon over claims made in the latter’s advertising about Cablevision’s internet connection speeds. Verizon has been running a series of ads for its FiOS network. …

Newsday Pay Wall Nets 35 Subscribers in 3 Months
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There has been a lot of discussion about the fate of the online news industry lately, particularly since the New York Times announced that it will be going the paid content route next year. Another New York-based publication, Newsday, already charges for its online content. After three months of doing so, it has reportedly only managed to attract 35 subscribers.

Newsday.com is free for those who subscribe to Newsday (print) or ISP Optimum Online. Otherwise, you have to pay $5 a week ($260 a year).

Newsday To Charge For Online Access
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Newsday said today it will begin charging $5 a week for most of its online content.

Newsday said it will start charging for access next Wednesday, except for its customers who are current home subscribers or those who are Optimum Online customers, the Internet access service offer by its parent company Cablevision.

Yankees Fans Can Now Catch Games Online
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Major League Baseball said today it is partnering with Cablevision and the New York Yankees cable network, YES, to offer live games online in the team’s local market.

"These agreements are an important part of our global effort to give fans greater access to our game," said Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig.