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A Plea: Don’t Overthrow King Content

Traditional media powerhouses, who spent the better part of the 20th Century perfecting content production and distribution, will have to change everything or risk being left behind. But there are some old-world moves, according to Bear Sterns, that will keep them afloat in a world to be ruled by Google and Yahoo.

Al Jazeera Launches English Service

Arab TV network Al Jazeera launched an English-language service yesterday that, inevitably, attracted criticisms in the US and elsewhere where some see the station purely as a mouthpiece for Osama Bin Laden.

Is Diggnation Really a Success?

Frank Shaw, who is Vice President of Waggener Edstrom (Microsoft’s main PR firm), asks an interesting question:

Cisco CCNA Exam: Connected Serial Interfaces
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To pass the CCNA exam, you’ve got to master quite a few services and routing protocols that may be new to you.

Who Benefits From A Non-Neutral Net?
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The new question on Net Neutrality is “who benefits?” There’s been a lot of talk on both sides of the issue, and it can be difficult for those outside the Internet industry to get a handle on what’s true. Perhaps if we look at who is talking, and from what pedestal, we can better understand.

When the Electric Company Gets RSS

I had to put a call into my local power company – the Long Island Power Authority – today to take care of a customer service issue.

Newspaper Sales Fall, Web Traffic Increases

Newspapers’ websites are receiving more hits than ever, but paper subscriptions are falling throughout the industry. Nielson and NetRatings report that traffic to newspaper sites increased roughly 8% from 2005 to 2006, with 56 million Internet users dropping by.

Advertising Auctions: An Unstoppable Force?

Welcome to the brave new world of convergence, one in which the Web more closely resembles TV, and new forms of TV advertising rely on methods and technologies which proved their worth on the Web.

Time Warner Cable Thinking TV Ad Auction

Once Time Warner spins off its Cable division, the cable company may offer advertising spots placed within on-demand programming through an auction process.

Time Warner Cable Eyes Google-Style Ad Auction

This whole ad auction thing is taking off. Though Verizon denied that its Yellow Pages auction was inspired by Google or other search engines, Time Warner Cable had no qualms admitting AdSense as the inspiration for possible cable ad auctions.

About.com Goes Cable TV

Signaling the continuing convergence of television, Internet, and Web 2.0, About.com just inked an agreement with consumer product review network Expo TV. The agreement moves About.com informational consumer videos, previously only available online, to Expo TV’s television and broadband network.

Cisco CCNA / CCNP Home Lab Tutorial: The (Many) Cable Types And Their Purposes

One of the most common questions I get from CCNA and CCNP candidates who are setting up their own home labs is “What cables will I need?”

“Pull the Laptop off of a Table… Contest

Steve Jobs says that the world needs a new kind of power cable. That sounds really cool.

Microsoft Strikes Cable Agreement

In conjunction with the hotly anticipated holiday release Xbox 360, Microsoft announced an agreement with Cable Television Labratories, Inc. (CableLabs) that will pipe high definition digital cable programming through Windows Media Center-based PC’s without the need for a set-top box add-on.

Cable Companies Don’t Have To Share Lines

Today, the Supreme Court overturned a U.S. appeals court ruling saying that cable Internet lines are required to be open to competing Internet Service Providers.

Supreme Court Hands Victory to Big Cable Companies

A victory went to big cable companies today as the Supreme Court overturned a ruling by a U.S. appeals court, which said that cable Internet lines had to be shared with rival ISPs.

Cable Industry Wins In Supreme Court

The high court upholds a FCC ruling, saying that cable companies do not have to share infrastructure with rivals.

I Want My MTV Faster, Cable Guy!

Between 2003 and 2004, subscribers to cable broadband increased to 41 million, a 22 percent rise.

Cable Companies Unite
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The U.S. assets of Adelphia are being acquired by Time Warner and Comcast for $12.7 billion in cash and 16% of Time Warner Cable’s common stock.

Conversagent Launches Automated Service Agent For Time Warner Cable

Conversagent, a developer of customer service software solutions, today announced the launch of a branded Automated Service Agent (ASA) for Time Warner Cable called “Ask TWC”.

Surviving The Cisco Cable Jungle

One of the most confusing parts of beginning your Cisco studies is keeping all the cable types separate in your mind, and then remembering what they’re used for.