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Trailer For AMC’s New Show “Turn: America’s First Spy Ring”

During the mid-season finale of AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead” we were treated to the first peek at the cable channels latest show, “Turn: America’s First Spy Ring”. The show stars Jamie Bell as a New York farmer who has been secretly tapped by General George Washington to spy on the British army during the Revolutionary War. If you’d …

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Disney and AT&T Announce U-verse Agreement

The Walt Disney Company and AT&T today announced that they have ironed out a long-term distribution agreement. Disney’s sports, news, and entertainment content will continue to be distributed on AT&T’s U-verse service. The deal includes programming from ESPN, ABC, and the Disney Channel. Part of the agreement includes new programming, including a group of “authenticated” (read: locked with digital rights …

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Intel TV Service Delayed by Cable Companies

Intel‘s new push into the cable TV arena could be delayed significantly, if cable companies have their way. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Intel’s plan to offer cable TV over the internet is on hold until content-licensing agreements can be ironed out with cable companies. Citing unnamed “people familiar with [Intel’s] plans,” the journal reports that the new …

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Apple TV Set Could be Delayed by Cable Companies

Rumors of an Apple TV set have been flying a for over a year now. In recent weeks, some excitement for the product has even been built by rumors that the product is already being manufactured. Whether or not that is actually the case, it is known that the “iTV” is on the way, and it’s is well-known that Apple …

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New Apple TV Could be a DVR and Set-Top Box

If anyone can fix the DVR, it’s Apple. The company has been trying to impact the way consumers watch TV for years with the Apple TV, but without cable TV content the device doesn’t do much that other online streaming content boxes such as the Roku HD or many Blu-Ray players can’t also do. This week it was revealed that …

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Netflix is Officially as Popular as Cable Television Networks

Cable television costs around $50 per month depending on what you subscribe to. Netflix costs around $10. While many of us are going to have an internet connection regardless of whether we have cable or not, dropping the extra $50 in charges and picking up Netflix seems like a great idea. Apparently, over 26 million other people thought so too. …

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