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Mindy Kaling Signs With New Agency, Career Moves On

Mindy Kaling has signed with a new agency, CAA. The actress has been without an agency since last year, but has been managed by 3 Arts and legally represented by Ziffren Brittenham’s P.J. Shapiro. Mindy Kaling‘s career has been steady …

Goldie Hawn: On Her Way to a Comeback?
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Four days ago, Goldie Hawn was spotted in Los Angeles looking like she may have had some lip enhancement work done. Combine that with her recent change in talent agencies from WME to CAA, and it all could spell a …

Joost Signs Deal With CAA Talent Firm

The Creative Artists Agency (CAA) represents some incredibly famous people, including Stephen King, Robin Williams, and Bruce Willis.  The CAA also represents Joost, the Internet television service, thanks to a deal announced earlier this week.

The CAA: A Wicked Good Design Technique

Here, in the nether-regions of the Greater Boston area, we have a linguistic habit of leaving the letter ‘R’ out of words like ‘car’ (pronounced caa) or ‘Harvard’ (pronounced haavaad). It’s what makes us special.