Nielsen: ‘Earl’, ‘Idol’ Tops In TV Buzz

Nielsen: ‘Earl’, ‘Idol’ Tops In TV Buzz

By WebProNews Staff December 14, 2007

When people talked about their favorite TV shows online, Jason Lee’s sitcom rated first in Nielsen’s top ten list.

LiveJournal Protest Tops Nielsen List

The most popular blog post of 2006 landed on a LiveJournal blog, while missives from Michelle Malkin, Dave Sifry, and CrooksAndLiars.com ranked among the most linked 100 posts for the past year.

Most Popular Blog Posts Of 2006

The top blogs in 2006 mainly focused on politics and satire according to a report from Nielsen BuzzMetrics. The top blog, based on the number of inbound links from other blogs between Jan. 1 and Nov. 30, 2006, was mother.livejournal.com’s petition against changes in the livejournal interface. The single post was linked to in 801 posts by 786 other blogs.

Finally, Somebody Ranks Brand Monitoring Services

If there was ever a research report I’d like to get my hands on, it’s this one from Forrester.

We Need Auditing

In traditional media an entire industry rose out of advertisers’ need to audit emerging formats.

PR in the Age of Consumer Control

Google. The effusive praise this deceptively low-key search engine elicits is maddening. I used to mock Google. Now I seemingly won’t go to the john without it.

Blog Measurement Needs Standards

New data from Gallup notes that one in five Americans say they consult blogs “frequently” or at least “occasionally.”

Buzzmetrics, Intelliseek Merge with Nielsen

Buzzmetrics today announced they have purchased Intelliseek and sold a majority stake in the new company to Nielsen, which is owned by VNU.

Nielsen buys/merges BuzzMetrics, Intelliseek

VNU sees the value of measuring consumer-generated media in this big move.

A Day of Acquisitions

Well, today is a busy one in both PR and PR measurement.

Buzzmetrics Buys Intelliseek, Merges with Nielsen

Buzzmetrics has announced the acquisition of Intelliseek – both companies offer solutions for tracking consumer-generated media.