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‘Equality’ Is Facebook’s Top Term Surrounding Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Yesterday you may have noticed that your Facebook news feed was very red, and that there were a bunch of equals signs everywhere. This was the result of the Supreme Court beginning to hear arguments on California’s Prop 8 same-sex marriage ban. All of the red equals signs were simply marriage equality supporters, well, showing their support. The red equals …

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Duke, Lehigh Drive Top March Madness Social Buzz

The first weekend of the 2012 NCAA tournament lived up to sports fans’ expectations. There were close games, blowouts, and everything in between. We also saw big name favorites live up to the hype and deliver commanding performances. But of course, what does everybody want to see? Yes, there were a few notable upsets – the two most shocking happening …

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Simpsons 500th Episode Sets Records, Creates Buzz

Matt Groening’s cartoon creation and The Fox TV series “The Simpsons” has set another record with the running of it’s recent milestone 500th episode on Sunday, February 19th. “The Simpsons” is now one of the longest-running sitcoms in television history, saddling up next to “Gunsmoke,” which holds the record with 635 episodes and closing in on “Lassie,” which was on …

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The Extended Avengers Trailer Hits the Web

After teasing the crowd with 30 seconds of glorious movie footage, The Avengers teaser trailer that was shown during the Super Bowl, left those wanting more Avengers footage panting. However, if you were paying attention, there was a “Extended Look at” disclaimer following the teaser, and thanks to Marvel, the extended version of the teaser is now available; however, …

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Super Bowl Twitter Buzz [INFOGRAPHIC]

Anyone spending a decent amount of time on Twitter this week has probably already noticed that people are excited about Sunday’s Super Bowl. Since the AFC and NFC Championships games concluded and we locked in our Super Bowl matchup, it seems like everyone involved in the game has had their turn as a trending topic – Brady, Eli, Belichick, Victor …

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Three Stooges Trailer Is Pretty Bad, At Least According to Twitter

Will the Three Stooges remake be such a monumental mistake, the Farrelly brothers will forever regret making it? According to some experts out there, yes, it will be. The reason for such a stance? The new Three Stooges trailer, which is about as bad as something can be, but don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself: …

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iPhone 5 Demand Hits “Unprecedented” High

The iPhone 5 hasn’t even been announced and already people are sure that they are going to buy it. That’s the takeaway from a survey reported by RBC Capital today. Of course, the next-gen Apple smartphone doesn’t have to be officially announced for people to speculate about its arrival. The most up to date rumors put the iPhone 5 release …

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The New Spider-Man Trailer Has Twitter Atwitter

There’s a new Spider-Man movie coming out next summer, and in a move that’s seemingly to stem the hype the upcoming Batman movie is getting, Sony and Columbia Pictures have released their trailer to the Internet. It’s not a bad looking preview, all things considered, and because of that, Twitter users are responding in volumes. This also demonstrates just how …

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Google Buzz Privacy Suit Settlement Announced

The launch of Google Buzz did not go well, as you may remember.  Automatic opt-ins and privacy scares created quite a stir.  But Google’s putting the matter behind it, as the search giant has settled a class action suit by agreeing to create a privacy-centric fund.

Google is supposed to contribute $8.5 million to the fund, and according to an official release, most of the money "will go to organizations focused on Internet privacy education and policy, and will make additional efforts to educate users about the privacy aspects of Buzz."

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YouTube Streams Twilight: Eclipse Premiere

Update: MySpace is streaming it as well.

Original Article: YouTube announced that it will be streaming the red carpet footage of the Twilight: Eclipse premiere this evening. It’s that big a deal.

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Is the Future Getting Brighter for Google Buzz?

As I talked about a couple weeks ago, Google has been making some moves that could greatly increase Google Buzz’s shot at more widespread adoption. This includes the addition of some features, and perhaps more importantly, the release of the Buzz API (announced at Google I/O).

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Will Google Buzz Find Mainstream Appeal?

Google is starting to make some significant moves that may give Google Buzz a significant boost. For example, this week, a "Reshare" button was announced. This is essentially Google’s version of the retweet. If you follow a Buzz user who posts an interesting update, you can hit the "reshare" button (down with the comment, like, and email buttons) to repost that post to your own Buzz stream.

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Google Launches Buzz APIs at Google I/O

In a session here at Google I/O called "What’s the hubbub about Google Buzz APIs," Google announced, well, Buzz APIs.

The session was aimed at "taking a deep dive into building with the Buzz APIs and the open standards it uses, which include, PubSubHubbub, OAuth, Salmon, and Webfinger."

Chris Chabot, developer advocate at Google announced the launch and a number of partners that have helped the company get it started. Among these: Seesmic, Tweetdeck, and

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Is a Lack of Search on Google Profiles Hurting Buzz?

Google’s Rick Klau points out that homepage for Google Profiles is missing a pretty obvious feature – search. While Google profiles are tied into your Google account as a whole, when it comes to Google Buzz, your Google profile is essentially your Wall. All your Buzz posts appear here, and so do any of your personal links you want people to see.

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Is Google Buzz A Flop?

Earlier this year Google added a new product to the already overflowing social-space. Its name was Buzz and it instantly found itself in the same category (mainly for the built-in Gmail userbase) alongside both Twitter and Facebook. Based on all the hype surrounding Buzz, it seemed we were getting ready for the fight of social-space supremacy.

Fast-forward a few months

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Google Continues Buzz Rollout With Maps Tie-In

Ready or not, Google Maps fans, here Google Buzz comes.  Following all other sorts of product integrations, Google’s now made it possible to combine its Google Buzz layer of data with the desktop version of Google Maps.

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International Data Protection Authorities Protest Buzz

It looks like Google isn’t going to be able to put Buzz’s initial privacy problems behind it anytime soon.  Late yesterday, representatives from Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, and the UK all signed a letter expressing concerns about the service and Google’s privacy practices in general.

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Google Connects Blogger, Buzz Services

Google Buzz, which still seems to be struggling to catch on with any sort of mainstream audience (or even a sizable niche one), has been given another opportunity to connect with people.  Blogger users will now be able to promote their posts with the new-ish product.

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Google Buzz Makes It To Gmail For Mobile

Earlier today, we reported that Google Buzz is, in a sense, getting serious – it’s supposed to be integrated with Google Apps in the near-ish future for the sake of enterprise and government users.  But it’s getting sort of casual, too, landing in Gmail for mobile this afternoon.

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Google Buzz/Apps Integration Approaching

Google Buzz should get another shot at life in a few months’ time.  A new report’s indicated that the service, which has so far been a flop with normal users, will finally be integrated with Google Apps and given a chance to operate in more formal environments.

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Lawmakers Call On FTC To Review Google Privacy Policy

Congressman John Barrow (D-GA) along with a number of other lawmakers sent a letter last week to the Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz calling for the protection of consumer privacy rights and an in-depth review of Google’s public release of personal consumer information

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Google Launches Buzz Widget For Android

Google has released a Google Buzz widget for Android phones aimed at making it easier for users to update their status and share content with others.

The Google Buzz widget allows users to post text and photos with a single tap, directly from the Android home screen.

The Google Mobile Blog provides more details. "Like other mobile access points for Google Buzz, the widget lets you choose to tag your post with the location or place from which it was posted."

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FTC Commissioner Takes Issue With Schmidt, Buzz

FTC Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour will leave the agency next month, but that’s almost surely not soon enough for Google.  Today, Harbour criticized Eric Schmidt and the rollout of Buzz, and also asked her colleagues to adopt a tougher stance on some privacy-related offenses.

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Google Getting Wrong Kind Of Buzz

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleging that Google’s new social networking service Buzz violates federal consumer protection law.

The EPIC complaint calls on the Trade Commission to require Google to make the Buzz service fully opt-in, to stop using Gmail users’ private address book contacts to gather social networking lists, and to give Google users more control over their personal data.

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