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eBay Seller Sues Buyer Over Negative Feedback

UPDATE: There are a few new wrinkles in the case. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Let’s say you left a negative review on eBay. Maybe the seller wasn’t prompt in delivery, or maybe they weren’t completely honest about the product. Whatever. At what point would you feel like you needed to remove or edit that feedback? What if the buyer corrected their mistake …

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eBay Seller Apologizes for Negative Feedback Suit, Called Out as Insincere

We recently told you about a particularly odd lawsuit in which an eBay seller was suing a buyer for feedback left on their page. The seller, Med Express, was suing the buyer, Amy Nicholls, over her complaint on the eBay feedback page that her product had arrived with an extra $1.44 postage due. Med Express offered to correct the mistake, …

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Ad Networks Continue To Grow In Popularity

Buying ads on ad networks is standard practice these days. In fact, according to an article from AdAge, 65% of ad buys will pass through ad networks in 2009. Even in toughtime-inc-logo times like these that’s a lot of money.

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B2B Buyers Engaged With Their Peers Through Social Media

A new report from Forrester Research, outlined by Groundswell, takes a look at how B2B buyers interact with social media—and by and large, they’re more engaged than their average peers.

The report breaks down the use of social media by Social Technographic role by type of social media involvement (types explained in this PPT):

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eBay Censors Sellers Views

eBay has changed the way it works with sellers and will prohibit them from leaving negative comments about customers.


eBay maintains issues were occurring that slowed down trade when buyers left unflattering comments about sellers who then hit back with their own comments. Beginning in May sellers will no longer be able to leave negative comments about buyers.

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eBay Buyers Are Thrifty, Study Says

Buyers on eBay save billions of dollars each year, according to a research study that won’t make sellers happy.

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