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Florida Men Butt-Dial Employer, Detail Robbery in Voicemail

In an era of smartphones and passcodes, one would think that the instances of “butt dialing” would decline, if not disappear altogether. But this is Florida. Two Key West men have been booked on charges of felony grand theft after leaving a voicemail detailing their crime. They didn’t know they were leaving the voicemail, of course, as one of the …

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911 Butt-Dial Features Robbery Details, Bon Jovi

A couple of cowboys will likely be riding their steel horses all the way to the clink after accidentally butt-dialing 911 shortly after they allegedly stole a man’s TV. Aaron Burrell, 37, and Yvonne Thyberg, 35, of Roswell, New Mexico detailed their crime to no doubt incredibly amused dispatchers after accidentally dialing 911 during their getaway. Here are some of …

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Florida Man Butt Dials 911, Details Murder Plot

Earlier this month, a 33-year-old man was shot dead in his car while traveling southbound on I-95 near Oakland Park, Florida. After the shots were fired, Nicholas Romondo Walker’s silver Buick crashed into a guardrail and burst into flames. The incident shut down traffic on the interstate for nearly 4 hours. Now, some interesting details have emerged surrounding the incident, …

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