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Small Business and Health Care

As a small business owner, I’m concerned about the growing costs of health care. This year our insurance went up 16%…nothing to sneeze at. We also upped our company contribution to 60% (from 50%), so I’m acutely aware of this cost on our bottom line.

A few weeks back, BusinessWeek ran an interesting story called Get Healthy–Or Else, about how Scotts, the lawn-care company, is tackling the high cost of health insurance. Some might argue their approach is forward thinking (one employee’s life was saved by being nagged to go to a physical) or invasive (another employee was let go for failing a drug test for…tobacco.)

Shel Holtz on JetBlue’s PR

UPDATE:: Jenny Dervin has clarified her comments in a post to the PRWeek blog; thanks to Rob Clark for pointing out in a comment to this post.

Google Apps To Start Making Real Money

According to an article in the latest issue of BusinessWeek, Google will turn Google Apps For Your Domain into a subscription service for corporations sometime in the next few weeks. If true, it would turn the service (which offers services for company domains, currently Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, and Blogger, and is expected to add more services) into an actual revenue generator for Google, a rarity for a company that many say needs to diversify its earnings.

Google Lets Click Fraudster Off Scott-Free?

BusinessWeek writes about a case where the U.S. Attorney had a slam-dunk case against a developer of click fraud software, yet they dismissed the charges.

Don’t Blame the Client

Several recent news stories make you wonder if unethical PR is the clients’ fault.

Microsoft Strolls The Rumor Treadmill

As the company continues to tack upon the seas of Windows Live, Microsoft has been predicted to have a stop scheduled at the shores of social media.

Blogspotting Needs a Kelly Ripa

BusinessWeek’s Stephen Baker is turning to the b’sphere for advice.

Internal Blogs Not Always Blogs as We Know Them

My point exactly: BusinessWeek writes that corporate blogging is an internal rather than external communications channel. And not only that — the “bloggers” don’t even know they’re blogging.

Edgeio Opens New Era in Blogging

I got an early look at Edgeio a few months back at one of those famous TechCrunch parties but I was sworn to secrecy.

Amazon Planning Google Adsense Rival?

Chris Beasley reports Amazon is planning a contextual ad network that sounds very similar to Google’s Adsense.

Why Isn’t There More Talk About PR Uses of SMS?

I’ve been pondering the lack of discussion about the potential PR applications for SMS (short message service for wireless/cell phones).

Anticlimactic PR

Here’s a simple lesson in public relations, thanks to BusinessWeek. It’s a great tale to show to clients, to show that even working with a reporter on an article does not ensure that your client is going to get press.

Bloggers Form Lynch Mobs, Prove Forbes Right

When I was younger, I loved the cheesy “When Animals Attack!” television shows that were the standard fare on FOX.

Forbes Calls Bloggers Lynch Mobs

Earlier tonight I was on a four-minute segment on CNBC that largely focused on Forbes’ new cover story …

Insight Into Chinese Internet

The battle for the internet in the coming years will be in China. With nearly 100 million users already and showing nothing by growth, many companies with business on the net are building models for China. In a recent interview, Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley provided some insight into where that market is going.

Blogs in the Eye of the Beholder

To test the direction that blogs are heading – rather than where they have been historically …

Scoble: Have Dinner With Me and Steve Rubel

Hey, Steve Rubel, I just got the latest BusinessWeek (I’m speaking at my brother’s law firm in an hour, and wanted to have a prop for my talk).

Telling The Business World About Blogs

Now it’s getting completely mainstream. Business Week’s cover story in the 2 May edition is all about blogs. You can’t miss this one – just look at that cover!

Jobs Touts Tiger, Smacks Windows

With the April 29th release of the highly anticipated Mac OS X 10.4, nicknamed Tiger, approaching rather quickly, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is in understandably high spirits.

Microsoft Purchases Groove Networks

The collaboration market just became more competitive. Microsoft has acquired Groove for undisclosed terms.

Google Bashing In Vogue

I had no idea. I mean, it wasn’t on my calendar and I’m sure I didn’t see the search engines create a special logo to mark the event; but it appears that this week is Chicken Little Week.