iPad Gets Businessweek App

iPad Gets Businessweek App

By Mike Sachoff April 11, 2011 | 1 Comment

Businessweek said today it has launched a new iPad app called Bloomberg Businessweek +. Bloomberg Businessweek + allows users to access live information on companies, including current stock prices, performance history, and recent news. Bloomberg personalities are also featured via …

WSJ May Need Big Subscription Increase to Make Up Lost Revenue

The Wall Street Journal would have to increase traffic to their site by 12x to make up for the lost subscription revenue. WSJ.com is going from paid subscriptions to free online access.

A report from Bear Stearns analyst Spencer Wang made the prediction based on advertising rates for banner ads.

BusinessWeek Loses Twelve In “Transformation”

Given both the state of the U.S. economy and the time of the year, “reorganization” is a euphemism that we’re seeing more and more.  BusinessWeek started things off with a slightly different term – “transformation” – but it is nonetheless laying off 12 employees.

LinkedIn Lands Deal With BusinessWeek

The launch of its developer platform might make LinkedIn more like Facebook, but in another respect, the professional networking site is sticking by its suit-and-tie regulars; the first platform partner is BusinessWeek.

In-Text Ads Get Evil Eye From Journalists

I can be a somewhat cranky person, and as such, there is a fair amount of stuff that annoys me.  It turns out that a lot of writers share my dislike for one particular thing, though: in-text advertising.

BusinessWeek Misses the Point on UGC

BusinessWeek magazine has a piece about user-generated content and how it’s old and busted now — people really want professional content, apparently.

Hoity-Toity Social Networks; Nobody Told Me

It was only a matter of time before the pinkies went up along with the gates. Social Networking may have egalitarian roots, and the masses can gather at the public pool if they want – if you want into certain places, you’ll have to bring your Members Only jacket.

Skype Phone Introduced Internationally
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Voice over Internet Protocol provider Skype is developing its own software platform to launch a cell phone built with 3 Mobile, a wireless provider in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Wal-Mart Gets Into The Broadband Business

Wal-Mart plans to begin reselling satellite based broadband from Hughes Communications.

The Graphic Attack On Google

Bellbottoms, the Beetle, even lava lamps – the visual appeal of some things seems to operate in a sort of cyclical nature.  And as search engines start to jazz up their appearances, some see a return to past (read: pre-Google) trends.

Apple Looks Into The Spectrum

The upcoming 700 MHz spectrum auction is heating up as Apple is the latest rumored to be interested in joining Google, DirecTV, and eBay in bidding on a piece of the band currently used by broadcast television.

Google Putting The Squeeze On VCs

Google’s not making as many friends as it used to. The latest group to sour a bit on the company are venture capitalists.

Of course, business isn’t really about making friends, but that hasn’t stopped VCs from complaining that Google swallowing up prime acquisitions.

Facebook Success Doesn’t Equal LinkedIn Death
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I don’t know if it’s a human nature thing or a Western civilization thing, but it seems a lot of the time we focus on winners, damn the rest, and assume that when one supplants the other the other drones on eternally in obscurity rather than the two coexisting. We do this even though Coke and Pepsi, McDonald’s and Burger King, Wal-Mart and Target all coexist in free market bliss.

“Hyperlocal” News Sites Take A Hit
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A lot of big companies – from Google to CNN – are interested in “going local,” and, to be honest, it seems that those companies have the money to do whatever they want.  But “going local” isn’t easy; Backfence.com, which focused on a number of smaller communities, is going out of business.

DC To Webcasters: Drop Dead
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Whatever happens with web radio from this point forward will depend on whatever concessions webcasters can wrest from SoundExchange and the record labels that back it.

Yahoo’s Semel Takes His Lumps From Shareholders

It’s easy to imagine Yahoo chief Terry Semel went home limping after yesterday’s meeting with shareholders, and promptly crawled inside a bottle of fermented comfort. Shareholders weren’t happy with his performance, and they told him so.

Salesforce Launches Startup Incubator

Salesforce launched an incubator for startups.  It is a similar proposition to the Socialtext Coworking space, but has a cost for the startup and is structured as a partnership program.  A BusinessWeek article interviewed me about it.