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Facebook Takes Out $100 Million Loan For More Servers

Facebook is borrowing $100 million to accommodate growth on the site. The money, from venture loan firm TriplePoint, brings the amount raised to around $350 million.

The site has grown quickly and needs around 50,000 more servers to handle the load. Facebook has over 70 million active users and around 109 million monthly visitors.

SXSW Crowd Turns On Reporter
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BusinessWeek’s Sarah Lacy says she did her best interviewing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during yesterday’s SXSW keynote. The (hostile) crowd there begs to differ.

Add to the drama a quote destined for the annals of the Professional Journalism Hall of Fame, if there is such a thing, a message to the crowd from Ms. Lacy:

Business Week: Web 2.0 is a Reality

The Live Web portends a real sea of change for business.